Great Expectations: 15 Weeks

How Far Along: 15 Weeks

Fruit Size Comparison:  

Weight/Clothes: I had a doctor's appointment this week where I was of course weighed...up 5 lbs from my last I asked the doc how she felt about my current weight gain and she told me that I was right on track (whew, what a relief). This week Adam also commented on the fact that I was actually showing (YAY) though it's still funny because to someone who hasn't known me before now, which I'm meeting tons of people currently at our new church, may just think it's chub until I clarify that I'm in fact pregnant. I've also met a ton of people at church who are quite fit! I am continually noticing how in shape Bostonians seem to be perhaps because it is such a walking city. Hopefully I'll bounce back easily after the baby is born...I certainly will have plenty of people to walk, bike, run and eat right with!  

I am still enjoying my maternity capris! I need to go out and pick up a couple more staples...mainly a great pair of maternity jeans. I'm fine in the shirt department especially since fitted tops that show off the bump are A-OK with me. 

Cravings: Soup Soup and more soup...I am LOVING soup. I had amazing gazpacho in Martha's Vineyard and tasty French onion soup in Atlanta. I also bought ingredients to make chicken chili this week and my own French onion soup is on deck too. 

Pizza is out due to the heartburn it caused, though I had some delicious deep dish while in Chicago and Tums came to my rescue at was worth it.  

Gender: I met my new OB this week and she did a quick ultrasound because she always like to meet the little person she is working with at least once. She normally does this ultrasound between 8 and 10 weeks or so and I am 15, so she was so excited to see such a "big" baby...big because I'm further along than she normally looks in on. 

Why am I telling you this in the gender section?? Well, she offered to tell me the baby's sex at the appointment, which I was NOT expecting! I declined since a.) Adam wasn't with me and b.) we're planning to have the ultrasound tech at our August ultrasound write it down in an envelope, so that we can actually find out in October with our family and friends at a cabin gender reveal party.

It left me wondering if it's a he or she since she seemed to know so easily! Hummm...guess we'll see. 

VOTES? Feel free to comment.

Movement: Still nothing as far as I can tell. My mom keeps asking me since I guess I could feel something any day now though it can be hard to tell with your first pregnancy. My doc said it was indeed still a little early to notice just yet. 

Symptoms (discomfort, belly issues, nasal issues, sleeping, etc): I've actually been much more comfortable this week. My energy is up other than being tired from travel naturally and I'm feeling pretty good.

I'm still snorting! Haha (snort!) 

I bought gummy prenatal vitamins this week and they ROCK! Why did I not find these sooner?!? They don't make me nauseous because there isn't an iron supplement, which I've been told is what usually causes the tummy aches, and they're actually pretty tasty too! 

Mental State: Feeling really good about my mental state. I've been traveling quite a bit the past couple weeks and I feel like my mind is its normal, sharp self. Thank goodness since I need it to focus and get things done. 

I am also feeling more and more peace of mind as I continue to check things off my to-do list. I am NOT a procrastinator, so having outstanding items on that list from the move is driving me a bit crazy at times. It's nice to be in the home stretch with all of those items. 

Appointment Updates: I met my OB and she was wonderful! I'm excited to have a woman OB this time around since my last OB sometimes had trouble with issues of bedside manner...I feel like a woman might be more sensitive to things...though I hope nothing comes up that requires good bedside manner. 

I have my first centering appointment in a couple weeks. What is centering you might ask...well rather than the more traditional look of 15 minute monthly appointments with my midwife, I'll be meeting my midwife with a group of women who are all due with a couple weeks of me as long as everything is going well. It's like a support group tied into your monthly and bimonthly appointments and it's supposed to be great for first time pregnancies. Then my OB appointments are still sprinkled amongst these centering appointments and you pick back up with the traditional model at 36 weeks. I'll blog more about the experience as I check it out.

Is this normal? Strange occurrences: Quick, sudden sharp pains that come and thinks it's round ligament growing pains. The doc didn't seem concerned by I guess that means it's pretty normal. 

Best Moment of the Week: Being able to know the gender...though I declined this time around. It was still so exciting to know I COULD find out! 

Oh and I got a haircut this week, which made me feel way less fat in the face! Whoohoo!


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I love the centering appointments.... what a cool idea!

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