Great Expectations: The Ultrasound Experience

I have a love/ hate relationship with ultrasounds. 

Why you may wonder?
Well, they can bring wonderful news and at the same time you could find out something isn't going as you would hope. 

We've actually had quite a few ultrasounds because there was some confusion with dating my pregnancy early on. At 4 weeks and a few days the doctor thought I was 7 weeks along according to dating based on the first day of my last period, so he wasn't encouraged by what he saw. I went home and had everyone praying that we'd see a week's worth of progress at that next week's appointment. 

Progress we got! What an answer to prayer when we went back a week later and there it was...THE HEARTBEAT! It was a momentous day since we had not experienced this glorious moment in our previous pregnancies. I wasn't expecting it because my hopes were for a week's progress and that could have meant waiting for this moment until the next week, but I didn't have to wait any longer. There IT was! I cried...such tears of joy!

Adam was not able to be at the appointment since he was away for Chaplaincy School, so I videoed the next ultrasound and heartbeat to send to him. This took place two weeks later because my doctor understood how nervous I was and how comforting it was to see everything still going well. Don't you just love technology and what it allows us to share now-a-days! (sorry the video is sideways...I couldn't figure out how to turn it when I sent it from my phone to email.)

The baby has a wonderfully strong heartbeat of 170.

Then we moved to Boston where I found a new practice and I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of ultrasounds, but I was hoping to get in somewhere in time to have my 12 week ultrasound. I had heard it was the perfect time to see the entire baby in one frame since crowding wouldn't yet be an issue. It's definitely a little different here because my new practice outsources for these ultrasounds unlike the practice back home that did everything in house. 

As mentioned in my first trimester post I was able to get to that 12 week ultrasound, which is actually a screening for Down's Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. I opted for the series sequential which is supposed to be more reliable than the ERA (early risk assessment), but it takes longer to receive the final results. Adam and I headed off to the ultrasound place and as things got started, I found myself a little nervous because once again I realized that this is a moment when you could find out good or not so good news. Thankfully the ultrasound tech continually pointed out each of Baby Herndon's organs, fingers and toes and all the different extremities. She confirmed the pregnancy's dating...due January 30th still. Then she measured what needed to be measured, and all the time I giggled out of giddiness as she told us things looked great. Of course I kept having to control my giggles since I needed to remain as still as possible. Man was that tough. It was just so joyous to see our little baby...all perfectly formed. I am still amazed by what you can see! Adam too was excited and relieved to see all was well. 
I was barely showing and yet there he or she was/is...fully formed, just continuing to grow and develop. It's such an amazing experience! We appreciate all your prayers thus far and future prayers for the continued health of our baby.

...til the next time we get to peek in on Baby Herndon.


Mary said...

Yay!! P.S. We borrowed a friend's doppler monitor during my pregnancy. I listened to the heartbeat about once every week or every other week. There was one time where the baby stopped moving for a bit, and it was such a joyous thing to be able to hear it. They're pretty inexpensive from what my friend said. Just an idea....

Courtney said...

Best.sound.ever. Love you guys!

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