Great Expectations: Houston we have nursery furniture!

The wide world of cribs...who knew it would be so hard to find a variety of more traditional cribs since the onset and popularity of the convertible crib?! I wasn't sure it made sense to have a convertible crib since we live in a two bedroom apartment, which is a fabulous space in terms of city living, but we plan to be here a good, long while meaning a future child will be sharing the room. I just wasn't sure how practical a convertible crib would be, but it's tough to find such lovely models in more traditional forms. Thankfully my mom and Brad have generously offered to buy the nursery furniture for little Peanut.

Here is the first crib I saw with mom and we liked it for how architectural the lines were, but I am set on having a white crib and sadly this one does not come in white and I think it would be crazy to spend all that money with the hope of the search continued...
Babies R Us
Here's what I've found so far that feels similar to the above crib, but in WHITE...
Another Babies R Us crib option
Yet another Babies R Us choice
This one (below) seems a little too feminine though to be gender neutral.
Bassett Baby
This one is nice too and less feminine...though you have to overlook the pink bedding.
This is the closest find so far and the one Adam and I like the most thus far. It has the architectural elements and I like the graphicness of the feet as well. HOWEVER, it's French white, so I'm not sure how that will work with the bedding I'm considering the search continued ...
Baby Crib Haven

Drum Roll Please... after much searching of the internet and a few baby mom came across an awesome find for the crib. The price was right and it was just the look we kept coming back to and she ordered this set TONIGHT! It should arrive sometime in late August/ early September (free shipping too whoohoo!). Ahhh I'm so excited! 
Love this crib
It's white white and has the architectural lines I've been liking, while still remaining very neutral.
This dresser will also serve as a changing table until the baby outgrows diapers.
And an added bonus dresser since we had been looking at long dressers and this set came with a shorter style dresser, we went ahead and ordered both the tall and the short dressers. This tall one will look great with the perfect lamp and accessories. 
I also found a great deal on a gliding nursery chair and ottoman with slip covers! 
The bedding is white with a saturated yellow and grey design.
This butter yellow chair should be a nice compliment, while keeping with the tranquil feel I'm working on.
After ordering and assembling the above rocker, we realized it wasn't very comfortable and it definitely wasn't this yellow. It was more of a tan canvas, so back to the store it went thanks to Adam's patience and we ordered this guy instead. We've actually sit in him and it's glorious! This chair is the finishing furniture piece in the room.
More on the nursery and it's inspiration and look coming soon! I'm SO excited! 
Thanks again Nana and Brad for the beautiful nursery furniture.

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