Great Expectations: Nursery Inspiration

I have had the same nursery design in mind for as long as I can remember...LONG before the thought of actually having a baby.

Where did I find my inspiration?
Anyone remember that fun movie Father of the Bride II? Well they built a baby suite and I always LOVED the look and feel of that room. Even with the onset of Pinterest, nothing has drawn my eye away from this room and look. Thank you very much Hollywood!

Now I know we won't have this kind of space, but it's a starting point and feel to strive of right now the walls are a light shade of grey and we'll see where the design goes from there. I have some more recent inspiration pictures for a possible wall treatment and I'm going for a brighter, fresher feel...but I love how calm and tranquil this space is...and it is the FEELING I hope to still attain.

I think my mom may need to whip up some of those sheer curtains for the room since there are pretty long windows that flank the entire room. They're not quite floor to ceiling, but you can walk out one to the patio because it is actually a door...that's how big the windows are in actuality.

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