Great Expectations: 18 weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks

Sidenote: I didn't have a chance to get my weekly photo in my black dress, back to that next week...but I got this shot in the meantime right after we ran outside to take a few photos for our change of address postcard (coming soon).

Fruit Size Comparison: sweet potato

Weight/ Clothes: We spent a good portion of this past week at our church's Family Camp in Maine. It was a GREAT time and we met so many fantastic families most with children of all ages. Next year's camp will be such a different experience with a baby of our own along. Why do I tell you all of this here? Well, it was funny because everyone kept commenting on how I don't look pregnant. I guess that's good at this point, but it's funny at the same time because no one here knows me pre-pregnancy or pre-pregnancy weight for that matter. My sister arrived a few days after we returned from Maine and her first comment when we met me in the bus terminal was, "You look so pregnant! I love it!" What a difference of perspective right?!

My mom sent me a plethora of maternity staples this week as an early birthday present. THANKS MOM!!! I'm excited to get my pregnancy fashion statement on...haha.

I also discovered the maternity section at the H&M a block from my house this week (could be dangerous) while my sister was visiting.  There were some super cute things! I didn't buy anything yet because I figured it'd be best to buy trendy items when they're actually in season and fit me properly. It was fun shopping with my sister though because I've been shopping one my own for staples for the most part thus far and shopping with company for fun items is much more enjoyable.

Cravings: Salad. I've been really enjoying salad and I ate a lot of it at Family Camp since there was a great salad bar.

I'm still enjoying soup, but not craving it as much.

I also have an actual aversion to fish strange because I'm fine with the thought of fish, but for some reason fish tacos are a whole different story.

Gender: We had our BIG ultrasound this week and we received our mystery envelope. I mailed it to my friend, Lindsey, who is coordinating the gender reveal Cabin Weekend. She has since received the envelope and opened it. Now she and the doctor are the only ones in the know and she's like a vault, so no one is getting the news out of her early, not even my mom who is dieing to know. I told mom this week that at least I'm not waiting for the actual birth to find out, which I had contemplated quite a while back. I am so excited for the big reveal!

The vote is still way in favor of the baby being a boy...but there are now officially three votes for a girl. We will see!!!

Movement: The jury is still out on this one. Occasionally I feel something that could be gas or could be movement, but like most new moms I have no idea which it is and I don't feel confident calling it movement yet. I'll keep you posted...hopefully I'll have confident news next week. The baby was moving a ton when we saw him/her in the ultrasound. He/ she was even sucking his/her thumb! It was soooo adorable!!!

Symptoms: I've been dealing with some evening headaches occasionally this week. I know these headaches are not related to caffeine because I've been having my one cup a day. They haven't been bad enough to take anything (I could take regular tylenol). I usually just go to bed because they've tended to pop up pretty late at night. I'm hoping and praying these headaches aren't related to my blood pressure since it was a little on the high side at my last appointment, though it did go back down within that same appointment. I haven't had any other symptoms of high blood pressure though, no unusual swelling for example. I've decided to lay off the salt as much as possible, drink lots of water and take it a little easier. I may also try to get my blood pressure checked this week to have more peace of mind.

Mental State: I'm excited to be done traveling for a while. Family Camp was the last out of town trip for the summer. My next trip to NYC for wedding gown shopping with Anna, Mom and the family isn't scheduled until later in September, so I'm looking forward to finding more of a daily routine in the next few weeks. I'll also probably start substitute teaching soon and I'm scheduled to Nanny for my friend Kim's two kids for three days while she does orientation for her new job, but that's still a couple weeks away. I've also kept busy with my photography quite a bit since moving taking family photos at Family Camp and even taking the faculty photo for the Park Street School. It's been nice to not have too much idol fact I remained really busy since moving (which has shocked me), but I'm curious to see what life will look like this fall. Any routine we establish will be short lived since Baby Herndon will arrive this winter and things will definitely change then I'm sure. I must say I'm excited for each of these seasons though.
Appointment Updates: We had our big ultrasound this week and it is amazing what they can see! The baby's spinal cord was closed, which is important. The baby's lips were perfectly formed, so no clef lip. Each organ was carefully examined and looked healthy. The baby's bones were counted and everything was present. There were ten fingers and ten toes. The baby was even sucking his/her thumb!! Adam commented on how these appointments are in no way relaxing because you want everything to look well formed and healthy as the tech examines and comments on each body part and organ. We are so thankful that the baby looks healthy!

I received the results of my sugar test and I passed, no gestational diabetes, at least not at this point. I'm not sure if I'll be tested again later on.

I also received the results of my series sequential tests and the results were very good meaning there doesn't seem to be a high risk for any genetic abnormalities.

Is this normal? Strange occurrences: I noticed my belly button beginning to stretch some this week. It's so WEIRD and fun all at the same time! My sister even posted on Facebook about this fascination I had and there were lots of fun comments, haha. Gotta love social media.

Best Moment of the Week: My sister came to Boston for a visit and she's the one that found and sent me the grey, yellow and white nursery inspiration photo because of the wall treatment knowing I was already planning on that color scheme, which I LOVED, so I asked her if she wanted to help me with that painting project this week. She was super excited to help make this project a reality and the wall turned out beautifully! That successfully completed wall was the BEST MOMENT of this WEEK!

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