Turning 30 and Blessed

Beyond Blessed
A reflection of my life upon turning 30.

I feel blessed beyond belief and my heart is overflowing with thanksgiving to God.
I just feel so...
Blessed for the lessons I've been given in patience, hope and faithfulness.
Blessed to have my faith to rest on when times are hard and I've been in the valley.
Blessed to have a God to thank at ALL times, but especially at the peak looking out over the journey I've just been on and how beautiful the view is from the mountaintop.
Blessed to have our son, healthy and wonderful in every way possible.
Blessed to be home with Levi; what an answer to prayer that opportunity has been.
Blessed to have a husband who loves me and provides so that I can be home with our child.
Blessed to have a part in my husband's calling as we partner together in ministry.
Blessed to have a community praying for me and my family and celebrating in the joyous occasions such as our son's baptism.
Blessed by the most supportive family who will travel to be with us for the big moments, from birth to baptism, as well as the just cause moments.
Blessed to have amazing friends near and far, from across town to a phone call away who are willing to meet up for coffee, plan a visit or coordinate when possible for me to get out and see them.
Blessed to have photography as a creative outlet and creative friends to share it with.
Blessed to have achieved so much already in my teaching career which given me confidence to know that it's okay to pause and focus my energy on a classroom of one for now.
Blessed to be living a lifelong dream of living in a city and truly one of the best.
Blessed to be in God's will after seeing His plans come to fruition.
I am BLESSED and humbled because there's nothing I've done to deserve such blessings but serve a Mighty and Loving God.

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