The Business of Being...Levi

Well I've been hanging around this world for  SEVEN MONTHS now and here's what I think about things so far... 
The month started off when Dad took a group of students to Medellin, Columbia on a missions trip. The next twelve days would just be me and mom with some company along the way. I had been practicing my scooting with Dad, but I promised to hold off on actually crawling until he came home. I kept up my end the bargain and haven't fully crawled yet, but I'm getting closer and closer every day. My parents keep telling me I'd be pretty good at yoga because I'm really good at doing the downward dog.
The first day Dad was gone, Mom had to take me to the doctor's for my 6 month appointment. The doctor was impressed with my skills...motor skills that is! He wanted to see if I would sit up with his help and instead I stood right up. I'm a strong guy. I also got a few more shots which weren't fun, but I didn't fuss for long. 

I was a little fussy the next day, so Mom thought the shots were bothering me, but it wasn't the shots at all. Something was really bothering me and I fell asleep on Mom's shoulder twice that day, which is very unusual for me. I didn't even feel like nursing for comfort. What was it??? I cut my FIRST TOOTH! Friday morning my right bottom tooth popped through my gum. That explained a lot. I got my left bottom tooth a couple weeks later, so now I have two little bottom teeth.
My Nana, Poppy, Tati and Uncle Chris came to visit me the first weekend Dad was away. Nana was excited to see my first tooth first thing Friday morning. Then, Mom and I took Nana and Poppy to Martha's Vineyard for the day. We went to Oaks Bluff this time since she and I visited the other ferry drop off, Vineyard Haven, earlier this summer. While at lunch, I got to try my first pickle. I REALLY liked it! It also felt nice on my gums. Tati and Uncle Chris got into town that night, so we could celebrate Tati's birthday. Jeannie, Micheal, Ali and Taylor came to hang out with me for the day and celebrate Tati too, which was great since we didn't get to hang out for very long when I met them at Tati's wedding. I had fun showing them all around Boston and I cracked up at Tati when she swiped a wet wipe over my head. I thought it was absolutely HILARIOUS!
Sadly everyone had to go home at the end of the weekend, and then to make things worse Mommy got a cold. Luckily I didn't come down with her cold until the very end of our time without Daddy and then when I did get my FIRST cold, it only lasted a couple days. I had a runny nose and a little cough. Mom got me saline drops and boogie wipes to help with my runny nose and a cool mist humidifier. Between all those things and the antibodies from Mommy's milk I wasn't sick for long. Thank goodness!

I also moved into my crib this month! I had slept in my crib for a few naps, but not at night. Since my travel had calmed down finally and I wouldn't be sleeping in a pack n'play as much like when things were go go go, Mom figured now was as a good time as any to move me into my crib, so into my nursery and my crib I went for nighttime sleeping as well as naps. It's comfy and I like it. In fact since being home in Boston for a good long stretch of time, I started napping better for Mom. I usually take my morning nap around 10:30am and I'll sleep anywhere from one to two hours. Then I take another nap in the afternoon around 3:30pm. This nap I'll take in my stroller sometimes if we're out or in my crib. I'm a little more flexible with my afternoon naptime. I'm still going to bed between 8pm and 9pm after my bath and a little milk. Towards the end of the month,  I've started sitting up on my own including in my crib and Dad had to move my crib mattress down because I figured out how to pull up and STAND up in my crib! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE standing!
Mom and I also took a few days to visit our New York cousins while Dad was away. I went for a nice evening walk with Barbara and Pete, hung out with Janice and Pat and visited my cool cousins for a few days. Mom even took me to Foxcubs to get some 6 month photos taken that way she could get me smiling while someone snapped the camera since I don't keep smiling for her when she puts the camera in front of her face. She had some cute ideas and I'm sure she'll be posting those pictures soon. I know she used one of my smiley ones on my Baptism invitation. Mom and I grabbed lunch with Tati in her new neighborhood and then we went and visited my Great Grandma. It was a really fun visit and we can't wait for our next chance to see everybody.
Back to Boston we went to get ready for Daddy's return from Columbia...little did we know we'd be hanging out just me and Mommy for a few more days when a mudslide delayed Dad's team returning. He wasn't going to be home for five more days and boy did I miss him! At least we were able to facetime and see each other some. I am so glad I have internet because it helps me see my grandparents and in this case Dad.

Dad finally made it home and I was so excited to spend time with him. I went to his church softball game while Mommy coordinated a wedding and then we had a fun family day at the beach. It was so good to have him home!

You might remember that I started eating solid food last month, well my Mom read a book on this thing called Baby Led Weaning and that's what we're doing now. I get to practice eating my own food at the table whenever Mom and Dad are eating and I'm having a blast. It's like when I got to try a pickle when Nana was here except I get to try feeding myself all sorts of other new foods all the time now. I've had celery, grilled peppers, squash, sweet potato, green beans, carrots, apples, and I've tried feeding myself with a spoon. It was really fun eating my oatmeal and some mashed potatoes that way, but boy did I make a mess. This past week I even tried a pancake. YUMMY! Oh and I LOVE Mum Mum crackers too!
 To wrap up the month, I went to Family Camp in Maine with Mom and Dad. It is a fun week with LOTS of kids from church. Last year I was there too, but still in the womb. This time was WAY more fun for me and I hear it will only get better next year when I'm walking around. There is this huge slip n' slide and I can't wait to go for a ride next year! This year I got to hang out with my gal pal Tabitha, and the other kiddos my age and watch all the big kids slip and slide. I also hung at the beach with Mom and watched Dad play a lot of sports. I can't wait to get in on the action next year!

The last few random things you should know about me this month...I have started to wave sometimes...well that's what it looks like I'm doing. I put my hand out and hold it there. It's like a wave/ high five all at the same time. I'm also learning to fist pump, but I only really do it with my Mom's friend Julia. I'm making a lot more noise this month too. I haven't said any official words yet, though I've made some sounds that sound like "mama", "yeah" and "hi" on occasion. I also love making an "ahhh" sound when mom pats her hand on my mouth making a native american sound. Oh and I love mirrors! Every time I see myself in one, I make the biggest smile!

Of course this has been another month of firsts...
      Sleeping in my crib.
      Pulling up to standing.

Overall,  in my  SEVENTH MONTH I've enjoyed the business of MOVEMENT (crawling, sitting, standing) .

Out take!

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Amy said...

I've loved getting caught up on your blog tonight. The photos of Levi are adorable and his first person updates are such fun! It's now bookmarked so I don't miss a thing! ;-)

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