The Business of Being...Levi

Well I've been hanging around this world for  TEN MONTHS now and here's what I think about things so far... 
This month I've started pinching my food, so I can pick up my cheerios one at a time instead of by the fist full. Although I sometimes still prefer a fist full of cheerios since I LOVE them! My index finger is a major piece of my development this month because I've also been pointing ALL THE TIME! I loved pointing to the Christmas decorations at the Prudential. I loved how sparkly and festive they looked. I haven't put my pointer finger down since and sometimes I point with both hands' pointer fingers. Mom and Dad find it very exciting because they get to share in my excitement.
This month I also started doing the Bronx cheer especially the early half of the month. Mom and Dad were covered in spit. It was pretty funny. Then later in the month I started making fish faces and I moved on to making kissy sounds sometimes.

My hair has also gotten a lot thicker this month. People have also been saying that my face has thinned out some so I look a little more like a little boy than a baby...I don't know...I'll let you decide. I keep getting taller and taller too. I'm comfortably wearing 12 month clothes at this point. Also in terms of fashion, it's started to feel like winter here in Boston and I now have two winter coats, a grey peacoat and a red puffy coat, complete with mittens and hats. I don't have to worry about being cold.
I attended my first NBA game this month with Mom and Dad. I was all set with a couple Celtics onsies and everything, so it was fun to actually wear one to a live game. I had so much fun clapping for the Celtics and they even won! Dad was jealous because it took him 31 years to get to his first NBA game and I made it to my first within my first year of life. How cool is that!?
I am all over the place these days, crawling and cruising along furniture. The newest thing this month is my interest and ability to climb. I am climbing all over the furniture and my toys, so I'm keeping Mom on her toes! I'm still standing on my own and I can even stand up and squat back down to then crawl to my next location, but I have yet to take a step.
I'm also doing this new thing where I rest my head on pillows or my lion chair. Mom thinks it's so cute. She's amazed at the things I pick up just from watching the world around me.

I've gotten more and more chatty this month saying "Gaga and Dada" all the time.  I'm still making the "mama" sound when I'm upset and fussing.
I went to the fall retreat with the youth group this month in the Berkshires. It was a lot of fun and the mountains were beautiful. The weekend started with a Gungor concert, which was really great. Mom tried to muffle the sound with headphones, but the group was just too good to muffle so I kept tossing the headphones off my head. Eventually she took me out so we could still listen, but she didn't have to worry about my little ears. After the weekend came to and end, Mom and Dad started chatting about getting a car with more room because I don't travel light. They decided we should take a look at some vans and after a couple weeks of looking they decided to buy a Toyota Sienna. It has SO MUCH ROOM and we are all loving it! We drove to New York for Thanksgiving and having the van was wonderful for every one of us. Mom had tons of legroom in the passenger seat. My carseat has lots of room and I can see better out he windows making the ride more enjoyable for me, and if I'm not as fussy, everyone has a better time in the car especially Dad because he hates it when I cry in the car.
I celebrated my first Thanksgiving this month. We drove to New York to spend the holiday at my cousin's. Nana and Poppy drove up for the weekend too and Tati and Uncle Chris came out to Long Island when they weren't working. It was so much fun spending time with everyone because I hadn't seen Nana and Poppy since the cabin and I hadn't seen everyone else since this summer, so I had changed and grown A LOT! I had a cute Thanksgiving outfit and Mom put me on the table as if I was the Thanksgiving Dinner centerpiece. She's so silly!  I tried turkey for the first time on Thanksgiving and it was DELICIOUS!! I also met Santa, but I'll have to tell you all about that in next month's installment.
In other major news, I slept through the night for the first time!! Mom was very excited, but I haven't decided to make a habit of it yet so she didn't celebrate too much. I did however give her hope that I CAN sleep through the night because I've slept from 8pm to 6am three times this month and once was while we were away in New York when I wasn't even in my regular crib. I've stopped nursing at night and before falling asleep like my doctor said and it has helped me to separate sleeping and eating, which has made me a better sleeper. I'm even getting into a better nap routine too. I think Mom is really proud of the progress I've made. She is always complimenting me on sleeping well.
Of course this has been another month of firsts...
          slept through the night!
          Bronx cheer.
          time seeing Christmas decorations.
Overall,  in my TENTH MONTH I've enjoyed the business of being OBSERVANT.

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