Great Expectations II: 36 weeks

How Far: 36 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: This week I was asked if I was sure that I was only having one...probably not the best question to ask a pregnant lady towards the end of pregnancy when you already feel BIG! But then a few days later someone told me it looked like I had at least two more months to go since I was getting around so well...guess I'm not waddling all the time yet, which is nice to know. I also coordinated a wedding this week and the parents of the groom asked at the rehearsal (in a kidding but concerned manner) if I was sure I'd be at the wedding the next day and I assured them I still had almost a month to go, so I didn't think there was any need for concern. I guess I look ready to have a baby any day now. It's all good though because I am almost full term and I'm pretty much maintaining my weight/size at this point. I'm only fluctuating by a pound or so from week to week which is precisely how things went with Levi at this stage of the game.

I did pick up a couple plain cotton tees to get me through the end of this pregnancy and into the early postpartum days.

Cravings: Still sweets (unfortunately)...I'm trying to keep the craving at bay by eating fresh fruit and lots of it...with the occasional scoop of ice cream.

Gender: Laundered all the newborn clothes this week. Gosh they're so tiny and cute! I'm excited they'll get more wear because they all look brand new even after Levi wore them for a month or so.

Movement: This baby gets the hiccups pretty often these days and he really loves kicking my ribs, which isn't fun when they already hurt from my heartburn troubles. Oh well, I'm happy that he's active.

Symptoms: Nothing too new... heartburn, rib pain, and my eye twitch is back but not too annoying. I also had a small cold this week which thankfully didn't stick around long. Being sick and pregnant is the worst since you really can't take anything. Thankfully I have a nettipot and it really seems to help.

Mental State: I had the energy necessary to wrap my last few big calendar commitments. I had a Park Street wedding to coordinate complete with reception and it went wonderfully. I also wandered around Boston to photograph my once little flower girls who are now seniors in high school! Gosh how time flies. I definitely got my exercise with both these commitments, but I remained pretty comfortable throughout both events though I was tired afterward as you'd expect.

Adam and I discussed what we have left to get done to prepare for another baby... we figure a hospital tour would be good to know where to check in and such. I should probably work on packing hospital bags. We ordered our new stroller adapter and the infant carseat made its way out to the van, though we have yet to install it. We need to have our list of on call friends together to help with Levi when I go into labor since family won't be here just yet. I think those are the main things we need to get done and we'll be ready to go. Adam also has a BIG paper to finish by September 1st, so he'd really like it if the baby cooks for at least that long, but I wasn't particularly early with Levi so I think he should be fine with getting to that deadline.

Appointment Updates
: I had my test for strep B at this week's appointment. No big deal. I was negative last time, so no antibiotics needed during labor. I'm hoping for the same outcome this go round.

Best Moment of the Week: Printing new photos to go in the nursery and living room! One more project checked off the list!

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