Great Expectations II: 39 weeks

How Far: 39 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: My weight has stayed exactly the same for yet another week. I have gained exactly 40 lbs just like I did with Levi. My belly however keeps growing!!

Hanging in there with clothes but looking forward to giving birth and getting back my wider variety of wardrobe especially as we're approaching fall.

Cravings: Sweets...weird for me!

Gender: Mom is still wondering if the ultrasound could have been wrong since her friend who usually predicts right on thought I was going to have a girl this time around. Based on how I'm carrying, I'd be shocked if they got it wrong. Not much longer though till the gender is undoubtedly confirmed. He is mostly likely a he indeed.

Movement: The baby is still moving subtly as he's running low on room in the womb!

Symptoms: Heartburn keeps up...thank goodness for medicine! My eye twitch has returned. The baby is grinding into my pelvis...YIKES...takes me back to that discomfort with Levi and probably one of my least favorite times in pregnancy! This makes walking a lot more interesting. I'm pretty uncomfortable sleeping and getting up every few hours to pee. Guess it's good preparation for being up to feed the baby.

Mental State: I feel ready for this baby to arrive. My projects are all organized and completed. I'm uncomfortable enough to welcome labor since that will come and be over at some point. I'm hopeful that the baby will come while Julia is still in town to help us with Levi. If he decided to be really late it will just make this detail a little more stressful since her schedule is so flexible right now and everyone else who we know we can count on to help would still need to do some last minute rearranging. I hate the waiting though for labor to commence...the constant wondering of is that a cramp/ contraction or just a braxton hick? Is my water going to break this time? In public? Will I get a full nights sleep or go into labor again through the middle of the night? How is Levi going to handle everything? We'll know all these answers soon enough!

Appointment Updates: I saw a different midwife today, which is fine since they rotate through a schedule at the hospital and it's doubtful I'd have my main midwife, so maybe I could have the one I met in the office this week. She "stirred things up" at today's appointment which is hers and Helen's (my midwife) way of saying that they stripped the membranes. Of course this made me pretty nervous that the baby would decide to come the next day, which I was hoping to avoid since it's September 11th a less than ideal date in history. The day will be what it will be though. I'm still dilated the same as last week between 2 and 3, so no progress there. We'll see if this baby is ready to make his appearance or if he's too comfy and wishes to stay put beyond my due date.

Best Moment of the Week: Not going into labor on the 11th. It was a relief for me...I also got a pedicure to hopefully have the right ankle spots massaged and encourage labor. Then I enjoyed a lovely dinner out at Parish with some much needed time to myself since I won't be getting much of that in the days and months to come. My sandwich, salad and dessert was tasty and I had lovely dinner conversation via the phone with my mom, sister and Shelby! Thanks for the fun company ladies. Tomorrow (after dinner) is my due date!

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