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My FIFTH MONTH of Life has been pretty exciting, so here's what I've been up to lately...
As you can see, I've found my toes and I love to eat them...and show off my flexibility! Hey if I'm going to lay around and hang out all day, I might as well eat my toes?! Right?!
Mom has me doing my fair share of tummy time these days and I've figured out how to rotate, so at least I can more myself around a little to reach different toys and I'm really hoping to chase after my brother soon. 
I haven't been sleeping as well as I had for me, not so much for Mom. Sorry Mom. I'm just way more aware of the world around me and I hate to miss what's going on, so who needs sleep?!? Not this guy...don't worry Mom, I promise to find my sleeping stride again (at least I know she's praying I do.)
I had my first date with a babysitter when Mom and Dad went to the UVA vs Boston College Basketball game while their friends Andrew and Amanda were in town. Hanging out with the babysitter or should I say babysitters since we had was a lot of fun especially when you have your big brother and twin pals to play with. I did great...took my bottle like a champ and was my usual charming self. I know Mom and Dad were happy to know they could get some alone time and I'd cooperate and still be happy as a clam. That weekend was a lot of fun actually because Levi and I got to hang out again on Sunday with Austin and Madison...those twins I mentioned...because we hang out with our moms to watch the Patriots play in the AFC championship while our dads went to the game. The Patriots won it's on to the Super Bowl for them! I hope we get a parade!! That would be soooo cool! Fingers crossed...lucky for me, Mom and Dad have a pretty good track record with Boston sports since living here.

Then it was time to get ready for my big brother's 2nd birthday and my baptism. Both events were happening in the same weekend, so it was going to be one fun filled weekend to say the least! Nana was the first to arrive in town and she helped Mom with all the party prep. Then Grandma and Grandpop arrived followed by Tati, Uncle Chris and Talia. It was so exciting to have everyone in Boston again...since the last time they were here was my birth and I wasn't too with it. Give a baby a break...I had a lot to adjust to outside of the womb and I mainly slept a lot since life on the outside was exhausting!
Grandma and Grandpop gave Levi music classes for Christmas and I get to tag along, so first up for the weekend was my first music class. It was fun to hear all the songs and see all the bigger kids dancing and playing. My brother LOVES music class. I can't wait till I'm a little bit bigger and can really participate.
Then it was Levi's birthday party day. He had a Sesame Street themed party and it was LOTS of fun...we made Elmo hats and ate Sesame Street character cupcakes! I can't wait for my first birthday party! I wonder what theme Mom and I will pick...guess time will tell. I know she's trying to soak up this year, so I'm not trying to rush it.
Sunday was my big day...the day I was baptized. It was really special. My family was here both near and far...even my Uncle Victor, Cousin Maryann, and Jeannie, Micheal, Ali and Taylor and even more family and friends were with us since you can tune in online. Dad and Levi walked me around introducing me to my church family at Park Street while Mom shared her testimony and her hopes for my growing into a Man of God. Then Pastor Kris poured water on my head and prayed for me. Everyone was impressed because I didn't even cry...not even a quiver of the lip. There was a nice reception to celebrate afterward and I was wearing a cute blue hat to go with my outfit since my hair was wet and everyone kept commenting on how I was missing my signature got it...MY HAIR! I guess it's not the norm for a baby my age to have such a head of hair. I personally love my locks...they definitely give me a unique style. It was a wonderful day and I definitely feel blessed.
Most of the family headed back to Virginia just in time to miss MY FIRST BLIZZARD! Tati, Talia and Nana hung around for the big weather event. I guess it's family tradition because my big brother experienced his first blizzard at just a couple weeks old. Once the storm passed we all bundled up and headed outside to play in the snow. Boy was it cold, but I could tell from watching Levi that playing in the snow is a lot of fun and luckily I live in New England where we have snow every winter, so I'll definitely get my fair share of playtime in the snow in the years to come.
Tati, Talia and Nana's visit came to an end and then it was time to cheer on the Patriots in the Super Bowl. We hosted Dad's fantasy football team at our place to watch the game and guess what...the Patriots beat the Seahawks...WE WON and that meant I'd get to watch a Duck Boat Parade.
Parade Day came and I got to watch the parade with Mom and Dad right off the front of the church. Talk about front row seats! The view was amazing. We hung out inside the church watching from the windows until it was go time and then I ventured outside with Mom on the little pulpit that hangs off the front of the church. There was so much energy and excitement in the air with all the fans cheering on the players. We even got to see all the championship trophies as the Duck Boats rode by and I think my favorite part was the confetti flying through the air. What a cool experience especially for such a young guy! I feel lucky to be growing up in a city that has such amazing sports teams and I know this is only the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the Boston sports teams. GO PATS!

There have been many firsts lately...
        Music class.
        Birthday party.

It's been a great fifth month of life out of the womb and I know I have LOTS of cool first life experiences to look forward to. Lately, it's been a EVENTFUL  FIFTH MONTH of life.

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Melinda Barker said...

I love love this blog! And the pictures are beyond wonderful?love you all... Muah, Nana

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