Luke's Life Lately...

My SIXTH MONTH of Life has been pretty exciting, so here's what I've been up to lately...
The big news this month is that my first and second tooth came in! I got my first on the bottom on February 23rd and then my second bottom tooth on February 26th both while visiting Virginia. There's something about being around Nana that makes me and my brother's teeth erupt! Mom is loving my new toothy grin especially since I'm so so smiley! 
I am proud to report that I am beginning to sit like a champ! As you can see from many of Mom's pictures this month I am learning to stay balanced and upright. It's a new world from this sitting position and I'm loving it. Occasionally I get tired or lose my balance and almost topple over, so to avoid any bumps and bruises Mom will often sit me inside the boppy pillow now that way I'm surrounded by a nice cushion to soften my fall. It works like a charm. I'm even beginning to experiment with moving from a sitting to a tummy time position depending on what toys are within my reach. I just fold at the waste, lean forward and reach and then I can scoot onto my tummy with no trouble at all. 
I've also been doing a bit more rolling now and then too. I prefer to roll from my back to my tummy. Once I'm on my tummy I'd rather stay there or cry for help because even though I have rolled from my stomach to my back I just HATE doing it!
I had my six month check up and I now weigh 16lbs 13 oz and I'm 26 3/4 inches long. Grow grow grow, that's my motto. It was a great check up until the end when I had to get 4 shots. They are no fun, but I know they'll be good for my health in the long run. The doctor was pleased to see how well I'm sitting and Mom mentioned how I don't like to roll over a ton wondering if she should be concerned and he told her that's okay because some babies just don't do a lot of rolling. I'm that baby! 
I'm trying out sorts of new things this month. I slept in the crib in the nursery for the first time for almost a week since I was only waking up around midnight and 4am, but then I decided to participate in the 6 month sleep regression and I got a cold too, so I started waking up every one to two hours for a while. Since I was disturbing my big brother's sleep with all that waking, I won myself another extended stay in Mom and Dad's room. I'm excited for when I'm sleeping well enough to share a room with Levi, but we have plenty of years ahead for that, so right now I'll just soak up my time with Mom and Dad.
Speaking of big brothers, mine is the best and he loves me so much! He makes sure to hug and kiss me before every nap and bedtime as well as at random moments when he declares "Lukie's AWAKE!" followed by another kiss and/or hug. I love all the attention because I think he's swell too. He even asked to get in on my pictures this month. He doesn't love the camera most days, but he does love M&Ms, so he begged Mom to take some pictures with me this month because he was craving some MMs as he calls them. I guess I can look forward to MMs when I'm two too!
I'm into the bronx cheer these days too as you can see. The wetter the better! 

I also went to the nursery at Mom's Bible study for the first time. It was lots of fun to play with the other babies my age especially since I can get pretty squirmy these days when I'm just hanging out with Mom. The workers in the nursery said I was charming and smiley the whole time I was there and being there made me feel like such a big boy like my brother since he goes at church and at Bible study, so I was just waiting for my chance and that day finally came.
I visited Virginia again this month with Mom and Levi while Dad headed out to California for school. We were all excited to get out of the snow, but guess what...if you guessed snow, you got it...IT SNOWED IN VIRGINIA TOO while we were there. Not that it never snows in the south, but we were hoping to escape the winter weather and it followed us. Oh well, the silver lining was that Grandma and Nana both had snow days while we were visiting meaning we got to spend more time with them, a definite bonus! At Grandma's I moved into the high chair since Levi was ready for a booster seat at the kitchen table...any day now and Mom will start me on some solids! I can't wait to put the high chair to good use for its actual purpose. At Nana's I went for a swim in the big jacuzzi tub with Levi (and Nana in her bathing suit to hold me of course). I got in another visit with Aunt Amy and Uncle Evan and I got to meet Mom's friend Ashley who is expecting a friend for me in a few months. Then Mom and I drove to Richmond to meet up with her friend Celeste because Celeste had a little boy, Ian, just a couple months after I was born. It was just us guys and our Moms hanging out, drinking coffee and milk in our cases and having a nice chill time. I love getting alone time with Mom when I can, but I'm always excited to be reunited with Levi.
Once we headed back to Boston, our friends Aunt Haley, Uncle Justin and Sawyer came to visit and we all had a BLAST! We showed them all around Boston since Uncle Justin and Sawyer had never been. We kids even got to hang out with a couple fun babysitters while the grownups went to a Bruins game. Then on Dad's day off, we all went to the Children's Museum and they have a fun padded room that was perfect for me to play in...made just for babies, so unlike my last visit where I just watched Levi and snoozed a bit I actually got in on some of the action this time around!

There have been many firsts lately...
        Successful time sitting on my own.

It's been a great sixth month of life out of the womb and I know I have LOTS of cool first life experiences to look forward to. Lately, it's been a WELL BALANCED and DROOLY SIXTH MONTH of life.

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