The Dean's Wedding

The Dean's had a BEAUTIFUL wedding down in Charleston, SC.
It could not have been more perfect and more them!The bride was absolutely breathtaking.
Here's the bride and the groom, Lindsey and Darren.
I know they will be so happy together for the rest of their lives!

Here I am with one of my best friends, Linds.

CONGRATS from one married lady to another!

Maid of Honor giving her toast and reminding Linds of happy memories, like OSL...And the traditional cutting of the cake and feeding it to each other.
They were very nice to each other!

A sentimental dance with the father of the bride.
The tossing of the bouquet, caught by Haley!

Will she be the next to wed?!
Hunting for the garter...there were actually two!
The wedding cake was made of funfetti cake mix!
The OSL bridesmaids and my sister.

The Herndons and the Deans,
a shot to add to our friend's wedding day picture collection.

The OSL crew all together to celebrate Lindsey and Darren's day of holy matrimony.
It was a beautiful day and quite the celebration.

Congrats again to the newly weds, Lindsey and Darren Dean.

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