Evan and Amy's prewedding festivities

So after dating for around SEVEN years, Evan and Amy's wedding weekend finally arrived!
Adam arrived in town early in the week and I got in Thursday night. So Friday morning the girlie preparations began and while Adam was doing Best Man duties, the ladies were off the nail salon for some beautifing and pampering.
Once the nails were done, we all had our jewelry cleaned with the bride, though the main objective was for her diamond to be at its peak of sparkliness. Then one last stop to pick up my bridesmaid dress and hope it fit since it was the day before and even though the shop promised to perform a quick miracle if I needed alterations I was still hoping it would just fit to begin with and IT DID! YAY! Amy had a good feeling about it and her feeling was right!
That night we all gathered for the rehearsal. Here I am with my soon-to-be sister-in-law. :)
Here's all the bridesmaids. What a fun group of girls I must say!
The rehearsal went off without a hitch and was probably the quickest rehearsal I have ever attended! We were done with plenty of time to hang out before dinner.The happy couple at the rehearsal dinner! Aren't they cute!?
A couple family shots.

Definately one of my favorite moments of the night... Evan recieved his dowry...

A Pig, A Goat and A Cow!Amy got all the bridesmaids cute wedding day kits in totes that had each of our initials on them, so of course we got creative and tried to spell words out...

Here's us spelling A-M-Y...Amy is the Y! Aren't we oh so clever... or at least we think we are.
The boys had a great time making fun of our girlie photo shots with our totes, so they tried to do the same thing in their ever so feminine way...but in the end this shot captured the good lookin' group of guys and was much better.

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