A visit with Brent, Tricia and Bronson

While we were in Virginia Beach for Evan and Amy's wedding, we got lucky since our visit coincided with the Roth's trip to Lynchburg. So they stopped in Virginia Beach after driving a long portion of their trip to have lunch with me and Adam. It was my first chance to finally meet their little man, Bronson and what an absolute sweetheart he is!Bronson being tickled by Uncle Adam.
Brent wanted to know when we were planning to get on the children bandwagon...not for a few more years guys!
Tricia and I hanging out with her little guy in his Elmo PJs.

Brent washing showing us how he makes Bronson jog. It was adorable!

One proud Uncle!

We thank everyone who's been praying for Bronson. He's not quite out of the woods yet, so please keep him in your prayers.

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