Retro post: Chicago

A few weeks back my mom and I headed out to Chicago to visit Thais and Heath. I had earlier linked to her posting, but finally I'm getting around to posting about the visit myself. We were originally supposed to head out there with the dual purpose of visiting the Carters and for the Gage wedding, however since the Gage wedding was was moved up to June we went with the sole purpose of visiting the Carters and it was a fantastic visit! Of course there where no doubts it would be a fun-filled trip. When we flew in Heath scooped us up from the airport. We headed to Starbucks for coffee and caught up some followed by a visit to Thais's office once she was done with work since it was all in the same area of town. Doesn't she look like the powerful editor in her envy inducing office?We then all went to dinner at Art Pizza Cafe, which was tasty! It wasn't Chicago deep dish, but it was just as good Italian style pizza with thin crust and delicious salads and bruchetta. Quite the meal!During the day, Mom and I ventured out around Chicago. We walked the Mag Mile and we had a good time taking pictures all over the city of architecture and scenic spots. I just LOVE my new camera. The next day we headed to see beautiful plants in Lincoln Park. We went all over the city in the course of our two days walking around Chicago.The next night was Heath's birthday gathering. Sadly I didn't get a good shot of the birthday boy, but we all had a great time. We got to meet so many of their friends who we hear lots about, but now I can try to put a name with a face. Some of the friends even figured out that I was the Jessica who would comment on Thais's blog, which was somewhat humerous when they would ask "are you Jessica of Jessica and Adam on the blog?" I even got to meet Susan and Baby Lina, whose family is looking for a two flat with the Carters so they can live in community together. I'm looking forward to visiting them all in their new abode in the future.The next night, after a tour of the possible neigborhoods Thais and Heath were looking to buy a home in, we ladies headed out to the Navy Peer where we attended a Second City performance about Chicago's corrupt Senator called "Rod Blagojevich Superstar" . It was hilarious!Then on Sunday, Thais and I awoke early to run a Fleet Feet Women's 5K. It was a beautiful run and I had been running some throughout the summer to get ready for the race, but I was still nervous. I proved myself, kept up and actually enjoyed the run. I felt so accomplished running across the finish line where we were handed carnations. I just loved running the race with my best friend! I wish we lived closer so we could run races together more often. We'll just have to make this part of our future Chicago visits.

It was a wonderful trip out to see the Carters and it had been WAY to long since Adam and I last visited them in Chicago. Thais and I were amazed that we hadn't actually seen each other since her trip last spring when she came out for a work trip to Boston! Hopefully we'll see each other sooner this year. Thanks for a great visit! It's always such a great time!

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