Retro post- our 4th anniversary

For our fourth anniversary I joined Adam in Charleston, SC where he was completing his Airforce Reserve Chaplaincy Training. I arrived Thursday and made great time driving down after summer school ended for the week. We had dinner at a cute restaurant called the Farringdon, which was in a neighboring town to Charleston. This was our actual anniversary of four happy, eventful years! We had yummy southern cooking. I had a beef tenderloin dish and Adam had the typical shrimp and grits. Both were delicious as we sat out on the restaurant's veranda and enjoyed the evening air.

The next morning we got up and grabbed breakfast at Cracker Barrel, did some outlet window shopping while it rained and then headed to a plantation for the afternoon and some beautiful photo ops. I was especially excited to take some pictures because Adam gave me a new camera bag and lens for my anniversary gift. I would finally be able to get the depth of field that I'd been desiring. Adam got a new golf club and pro lesson as his gift. It was the anniversary for developing hobbies. Check out the shots from around the plantation.
(Beautiful farm animals)
(The plantation was a rice farm and very scenic.)(A couple shots with the new lens)
(This is one of my favorite shots from the day.)
We really enjoyed walking around the plantation.
What an interesting place it must have been to live and work.Dinner on the rooftop of the Charleston Crab house was delicious and right in the heart of downtown Charleston.

The next day we headed into downtown Charleston to walk all around. We started out at High Cotton for a tasty southern lunch. The restaurant was chic and seemed to have a long history. To me it seemed like typical Charleston or at least what I had pictured.
(The food was picture perfect and perfect on the taste buds as well!)
We then walked around town to find Rainbow Row and the water.
The finish out the day, we scheduled a horse and buggy ride to tour the historic homes of Charleston. Boy are there some gorgeous places that take your breath away.
(The false doors to the porches are a neat feature of many of the homes.)
(We even found the spot where Linds and Darren had their wedding.)
(Charleston has some amazing iron work!)
Charleston is a beautiful, whimsical city and I loved spending our fourth anniversary together in a place that had an old timey romance.


Colleen Young said...

gorgeous pictures jess!! looks like you had a blast! =)

veganmegan said...

high cotton is where the osl'rs had lunch the day of lindz's wedding. great sweet tea!!

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