Adam's Graduation from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

Graduation arrived Saturday morning and all the Herndons were ready to celebrate Adam's big accomplishment, completing his Masters in Divinity. We headed over to the Gordon College campus for the ceremony.
It is so exciting to think that all these graduates are headed out into Christian service of some sort!
A classmate addressing the class of 2010
The commencement speaker whose message was "Does the Gospel really work?"
His conclusion and mine as well...YES, IT SURE DOES!
Adam receiving his degree.
Some photos afterward of my handsome graduate.
Billy Graham signed his degree; he is on the board of the seminary...pretty cool!
I am SO proud of my husband!
He has accomplished a lot in the last four years.
The grad and his proud parents
Some departing photos of the seminary.
It really is a beautiful place.

Adam, happy to be done with school...for a while at least.
Congratulations to my hubby for persevering these past four years.
Your MDiv is such a huge accomplishment and labor of love and I am so very proud of you!

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Thais said...

So proud of you, Adam!

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