Visiting our New York Family

After Papa's Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday (post coming was a beautiful service), Mom, Anna and I headed up to New York to spend some time with family before Anna's departure for Israel on a Birthright trip. Here are some highlights from our visit...

Friday night Joann hosted a BBQ and everyone was there.
The cousins are all getting so big! They're really growing up.
Eddie or Maddy taking a picture with my being silly sisters as usual.
Then on Saturday night we headed into the city for a show called Girls Night Out.
It was so much fun. It was like watching Karaoke with a plot complete with Broadway singers and improvised interactions with the audience...LOVED IT!
This guy had a sign that read, "Free Hugs from a Puerto Rican".
She took him up on one...HILARIOUS!
We grabbed dinner at a little pub right in Times Square, which was great because there was no wait and we were right near the theater and they made one heck of a Cobb salad, which almost all of us had.
Girls Night Out (let the show begin)
After the show...Mom was even given a boa.
After the show we walked through Times Square back to the Penn Station just in time to catch our train back to Long Island.
The next morning we met two of Mom's old friends FROM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL...who'd she'd found through Facebook and we enjoyed brunch together at the Lynnbrook Diner.
Then we stopped back at Mary's house and looked at old pictures from as far back as elementary school. The highlight though was the PROM PICTURES!
Check out the beanie from Mom's Catholic School days.
Then it was back to Barbara's for the weekly Sunday night Italian family dinner...on a sidenote, isn't Barbara and Janice's new house beautiful...Anna and I skipped out on dinner to catch up with our other side of the family (the Sacks side that is).
We enjoyed a delicious dinner with Grandma, who has just moved back to New York, Aunt Marlene, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Jay. Anna got to hear a preview of some things to look forward to in Israel and we all did some catching up on life and discussed how we can't wait for my cousin Marissa's wedding in a couple weeks.
Then it was back to Barbara's for desserts from the family's Italian bakery and a good nights sleep before Anna's early rendez-vous with her Birthright group at JFK.
Bon Voyage Anna...
Anna at JFK getting ready to embark on her trip to Israel, also her first out of the country (other than the islands that is). I am SO excited for her and can't wait to see pictures and hear all about her adventures when she returns next week. LOVE YOU!
Then Mom and I made the drive home to Virginia.
It was a wonderful visit and we get to go back in just a few weeks for Marissa's wedding. I can't wait...I love seeing all of our family up in New York. It is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world! Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of each other if some of them make it down for a visit this summer and then we have Taylor's sweet sixteen to look forward to in September.

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