Charlotte and Caroline's 1stBirthday

This past weekend, Adam was out of town in Martinsville working on housing projects with our friend I enjoyed a weekend complete with lots of girl time. Haley came into town Friday night just to hang out and catch up with me. Then Saturday morning we grabbed breakfast with her family in our old stomping ground, Great Bridge.

Then we headed over to the Mazzio's for the big birthday celebration for Caroline and Charlotte, who are now ONE! Look how big they've gotten!
I can't believe it's already been a year since their arrival.Us OSL aunties, uncle and Dad excited to celebrate this milestone with the girls!The party had an adorable cupcake theme.Then it was time to open some presents.
The girls went right over to the gifts and started exploring; it was SO cute!A school bus from Grandma...and an ice cream truck is also on the way.Adorable birthday plates for each of the girls.Pink and Purple Piggie Banks
I went with a set of books for the girls.
The official "Blankies" made by Lisa's Mom...LOVE THEM!
And they're coded...lines for Caroline and dots for Charlotte.
(I learned that Dot's a nickname for Charlotte)

Happy Birthday girls! Looking forward to celebrating many many more!

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