Alicia's Around the Clock Bridal Shower

My friend Alicia will be getting married in a couple weeks to the love of her life Paul Gorski, so this Saturday Laura and I threw her an "Around the Clock" themed Bridal Shower.
We held a brunch and I had the chance to try out a couple new recipes, an egg casserole and a French Toast casserole that I got from Leslie, the queen of brunch.
Everyone hanging out as the shower begins and filling in a clock with gift guesses.
Alicia kicking off brunch
We played a trivia game about what time of day different events in Paul and Alicia's relationship occurred.
Then it was time to open the gifts and since the theme was "Around the Clock" each gift had a time of day theme.
My time was 5am, so I gave Alicia things to help her feel cozy at the crack of dawn.
Crystal gave her some kitchen and bedroom necessities.
Angie gave her gift cards for lunch spots for noon.
She received cuddly towels from Lisa and Ann Dove...
a gift card from her sister in law, Katrina...
Starbucks from JK...
and a kiss the cook apron, family frame and cake stand from Laura.
Then she was excited about her new bedding from her mom.
Followed by comfy pajamas from Laura that actually coordinate with her new bedding.
Alicia would make the perfect Starbucks commercial.
Lisa gave her sheets and a sensual candle and massage oil.
Finally, the midnight themed gift..Donna's gift was a box with what she should be wearing at midnight...look at what's in the box!
followed by the real nightwear
All the ladies at the shower
Laura and I enjoyed throwing Alicia's shower!
Congrats, we hope you enjoy all your goodies, and we can't wait for the Big Day!

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