Mom's Award at Ferrum

A couple weekends ago, I went to Ferrum College where my mom went for her associates degree. We all headed there because she was being honored as the Distinguished Alumni.
Around Ferrum's campus
At the awards brunch.
Mom recieved the Distinguished Alumni Award and a few alumni athletes were inducted into Ferrum's Sports Hall of Fame.
Ferrum's President welcoming everyone.
Dr. Barker being introduced as this year's Distinguished Alumni.
Giving her speech...
Mom thanked two professors who had really impacted her in the time she spent at Ferrum. Even though the husband and wife pair were both now retired, thankfully they were still in the area and not only did they come to the brunch, but we went back to their home later that afternoon for a visit as well.
Mom and her award
We were all so PROUD of her!

After the brunch, we headed over to the homecoming football game where Mom would also be recognized at half time.
We watched from the President's box.
Half time
A fun sisterly shot...and notice my mom cheering on her team behind us.
After the day at Ferrum, we stopped by the professors' house for a visit and to admire some beautiful art. Then we headed to Radford, so I could see where Anna goes to school. I got a driving tour of campus and saw Anna's lovely dorm room.
After dinner and my tour, we headed back to the little cabin and the next morning enjoyed breakfast at Mayberry Mill before heading home. It was a great weekend and I am so thrilled Ferrum realized what a special alumni they had in my mom.

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Melin said...

Wow honey I love it, thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and being there to enjoy the weekend and honor with me! Love you, Momma

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