Birthday Birthdays Everywhere

There have been many birthdays to celebrate lately and I've gotten WAY behind in updating the why not a post all about birthdays, so here goes!

A couple weekends ago, my Nana turned 89 years old!
We went to Zia's for dinner to celebrate...almost to her ninth decade, wow Nan!!
Last week on Adam's actual birthday, we celebrated all of the Herndon birthdays since mine and Ev's were a couple weeks earlier and Evan's would be coming up, but I didn't get a chance to snap any pictures...too busy celebrating I guess.
Sorry to let the blogosphere down.

The week before that was my 27th Birthday...and here's how I celebrated...
(going backwards in time)
Dinner at Zia's with Mom, Brad and Adam...missed getting a picture of that...but I did get a picture with the homemade cake my mommy made me!
A visit to the house from Adam's Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle who were in town visiting.
Cupcakes at small group...with a fun Dr. Suess like candle.
Thanks everyone!
Cupcakes with my 8th grade girls at Sunday School thanks to Adam.
Brunch at Cracker Barrel with an African Youth Pastor, Jimmy, and Adam, Nima and Emma.
That Friday and Saturday night I was up in the DC area to visit with my girlfriends up there and celebrate our 27th. This years celebration was different than our previous DC birthday celebration (25th) because Christina and I (the birthday girls) wanted to celebrate the lives of the young girls that Amanda and Andrew worked with this summer at the SheHome. These girls had been rescued from sex trafficking, so we chose to celebrate them. If you'd like to learn more or donate, check out this link for the SheHome.
We made yummy ordeuves and pretty pink drinks.
Hearing from Amanda about her summer experience in Cambodia.
(She was showing us pictures.)
Friday night, Celeste drove into town to have dinner with Amanda, Kathy and me.
Andrew and Howard joined us a little later too.
It was definitely a festive birthday weekend full of good times, lots of friends and wonderful family!! Thanks everyone for making it a memorable 27th!

In between travels this summer, my friend Ashley celebrated her birthday and since I was going to be gone for the actual day...I made her a miniature cookie cake complete with a candle and brought it out when she and Josh stopped by the house to hang out.
Finally, way back in August...we of course celebrated Anna's 20th birthday...
that's right she is no longer a teenager...CRAZY, I know...where does the time go!?
She and I left the next day for San Francisco, but she was able to invite some friends over for cupcakes and Mom made spaghetti with clam sauce for her birthday dinner at her request...such a grown up choice.
I know there were many birthdays in there, but sadly I don't live close to everyone I'd love to be celebrating with or take Happy Birthday Thais, Lindsey, Will and Shelby too!

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