The Halloween Hunt

This weekend was the youth group's Halloween Hunt.
Laura and I teach one of the classes of 8th grade girls.
We decided to dress up as a box of crayons.
We had to run around town for a couple hours completing tasks and taking pictures.
We had to sing in public, take pictures of the group in a mirror, find "z" and "q" foods at the grocery store, spell hope with our bodies, collect canned items for the pantry and eat baby food and spam and take some creative photos along the way.
Here's our photo where we had to get our group with a person in uniform...Adam was a military cop with his dog (our dog Samson who attended the event as well).
The box of crayons with boxes of crayons.
Here are some highlights from some of the other classes.
The other 8th grade class
The toy box...
a mirror shot
Heroes spelling hope...notice Ashley creating the letter "H" all on her own.
Alice in Wonderland
Me and my Hero friends
Army epic photo...
The 8th grade guys won third place. Way to represent the SHED boys!
Funniest Photo Op
1st place winner...Noah's Ark...
a groomers actually let them get in the cages and take a picture.
We had a great turn out and blast Saturday night!
Happy Halloween!

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