Italy Trip: Firenze Day 3

Getting back to the blog in an effort to finish up our anniversary trip to Italy...
there were so many highlights and favorite you'll understand why it's November and I'm still finishing our August vacation.

We started out our third day in Florence with a visit to the Accademia Gallery where we went to see the real statue of David by Michelangelo and it was breathtaking. I really love sculptures and it was the most impressive piece of sculpture I've seen to date with the scale of the head and hands as well as the sling he's holding over his shoulder which looked like real fabric.
(My previous favorites were Rodin's sculptures in Paris.)
After our morning at the museum, we met back up with everyone for lunch.
We walked around a bit looking for a roof top restaurant and asking around.
Eventually the Italian police, along with my ESL skills, helped us find out roof top spot on top of a department store. Those two characteristics were what we had to go by and it was near the Duomo. The views were well worth the search!
I loved our coke lights in their glass bottles with the essential slice of lemon, it also helped but didn't quite make up for the crazy expense of a soda though.
Continuing our romp around town before the group went to their museum appointment at Uffizi (just below) to see some of Botticelli's works.
We had some spare time, so the ladies stopped to do some jewelry shopping on Ponte Vecchio.
This was an amazing jewelry shopping experience because the customer attention was unmatched!
Notice the ladies in the right corner...there we are on a mission.
Our saleswomen literally ran to all of her other stores located on the bridge bringing back pieces that were similar to what we were looking for and within each of our price ranges.
I didn't wind up taking home any Florentine pieces, but Lisa, Haley and Courtney found some beautiful pieces. (I found my perfect jewelry souvenir the next day in Venice. I loved the Venetian glass pieces and am now the proud owner of a gorgeous bracelet and earrings.)
The boys hung out on the bridge and grabbed some gellato while we ladies shopped.
Haley bought a beautiful Florentine charm and a choker.
Lisa got a lovely gold bangle bracelet.
Court got a Florentine charm as well as an anniversary gift from Austin.
Adam and I wondered around while the group visited the Uffuzi, and then we all met up and had dinner at Za Za's.
Then we wrapped up the night with a street performance and some gellato.

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