Italy Trip: The Almafi coast

For the last leg of our anniversary trip we headed to the beautiful Almafi Coast.
We stayed in Praiano down the road from Positano at the Hotel Magherita.
Our room had it's own balcony overlooking the Med...this is one of the most breathtaking places I've been yet!
The view from our balcony
This leg of the trip was planned for relaxation after all the site-seeing we knew we would do, so the first day we headed to the beach.
The water was crystal blue and it was a rock beach rather than sand making the beach a really unique experience.
There were Italians on vacation all over.
This is where they actually go to vacation and it's no wonder why!
After the beach we did a bit more sun bathing at the pool and solarium back at the hotel before heading into Positano for dinner.
In Positano
The next day we headed back to the beach early in the morning to catch out private cruise down the Almafi Coastline to Capri and back.
Leaving the beach
Views of the coast from the water.
Praiano...our hotel is in this photo...right about in the center.
It's amazing how they build right into the cliffs.
The grottos
It's as if the water was lit from within these grottos...amazing
We also saw some amazing yachts along the way.
One was complete with it's own helicopter.
After a quick swim near the grottos, we arrived in Capri.
We grabbed lunch and then literally hiked up to the center of town. We didn't realize we were about to hike straight upward when we started following the signs to the town center, so that gave us a good laugh (and workout).

The views from up top the island were like none other!
Lemons of course...there was a funny story that went along with these lemons.
Adam decided to buy a lemon drink from a vendor which turned out to be pure lemon juice mixed with a bit of fresh orange juice. There was no sugar added, nothing. It was pretty terrible and cost him a pretty penny too.
After our afternoon exploring Capri we hopped back on the boat and headed back down the coastline stopping for a swim in the blue waters (pictured below) along the way.
It had been an amazing day.
We wrapped up our trip with a rooftop Italian dinner by moonlight complete with fireworks from a wedding down the way at another hotel. The hotel would transform the solarium into a rooftop restaurant at night and it was delicious and so romantic.
The perfect way to end our trip.
The next day we traveled back to Rome, where we grabbed our last real Italian meal as well as some gelato, and the next day we began our (long) trip back to the US.

Words barely do this vacation justice...
thank goodness for pictures and all the memories that Adam and I not only share with each other, but with six of our closest friends as well.
I can't wait for our next adventure!

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