Great Expectations: 36 weeks

How Far Along: 36 weeks
(We had some trouble with the lighting as we tried to capture the Christmas tree before taking it down...but you get the idea:)

Fruit Size Comparison: honeydew

Weight/ Clothes: Well the holidays were only so kind to me in the weight department. I did gain a few (4 lbs not terrible), but not as much as I feared I might with ALL that delicious food everywhere and much less walking around Hampton Roads versus what I do on a regular basis here in Boston. We're in the home stretch now and I'm done traveling, so the baby should put on the weight he needs and my gain should be minimal. Some people have been curious about how much I've actually gained since I've been sort of vague. My docs had wanted me to gain between 20 and 30 lbs to avoid complications with gestational diabetes or blood pressure issues, ect. and while I didn't quite keep within those hopes, I've still gained under 40 at this point, so I don't feel too terrible on the weight front. I've had a healthy pregnancy and that is what matters most.

On the clothing front, there's not too much to report. I'm enjoying my maternity wardrobe while I still can since this baby will be here in a few weeks and I know I'll still be wearing some maternity gear for a while, but not all of it, so I've gotta wear the cute stuff as much as possible while I still can. Also, my most recent purchases were actually non-maternity sweater dresses, so they'll continue to work whenever at least that's the idea.

Cravings: I am amazed that I really haven't had any serious cravings. I did want Italian food from this great find in East Boston. Their baked ziti is AMAZING! Haven't had it yet, but maybe we'll get take out in the next couple weeks since it can be a 2-3 hour wait to eat in the restaurant. Crazy right?! That's how good the place is though.

Gender: Since getting home from Virginia we've started using THE NAME with each other. It's super fun and I REALLY LOVE IT! Thank goodness or else we'd be scrambling at this point. Since we hadn't been using it regularly prior to our trip home, there was no temptation or fear of slipping up and using it. Since getting back I almost slipped up with friends once, but I caught myself, so the secret is still safe. A friend asked how we planned to announce Baby Herndon's name and I always figured it would be announced when we announced that he'd arrived as in "Secret Name Herndon" arrived at "time" on "date" and weighed "# lbs # ounces". I guess I could get creative, but I'll have to think about and set that up ahead of time...and my mind is already swimming with everything I'm trying to wrap up on my to do list before he gets here, so we'll see.

Movement: He's moving and shaking, but pretty cramped at this point. I didn't know this until I heard it in my childbirth class, but I always wondered why swaddling was so effective. We were told it's because the tight security of the blanket makes the baby feel secure like he's back in the womb where he didn't have very much room to move around. Fascinating and makes so much sense to me now!

Symptoms: EYE TWITCHING! My right eye has been twitching for two weeks now...the entire holiday season and it continues to keep up. Thankfully it has nothing to do with blood pressure or anything concerning really. It's just ANNOYING (but I'm thankful it's subtle, so I don't look too crazy!) My midwife suggested it could have something to do with fatigue...perhaps, but I feel like I'm getting ample sleep. Trying to be well rested before I'm sleep deprived.

Heartburn...but as long as I stick to my zantac regime I'm A-Okay.

Waddling around...things are getting looser, so waddle like a duck I do.

Random coincidence or not, my skin is the best it's ever been both on the break out front and eczima front. My ankle where I have always had my eczima the worst is completely clear. It has never cleared up in that spot completely and it's amazing since it's the middle of the winter too when my skin is at it's dryest and most vulnerable! AWESOME side effect of pregnancy!

Mental State: I have pregnancy brain for sure. It just feels like my mind is running at half its normal pace. Oh well, all of me has slowed down, why not my mind too. I have started compiling a list of to dos for finishing up what I want ready before Baby Herndon arrives, so we'll see how productive I can be because those to dos are definitely on my mind.

Appointment Updates: I've started seeing the midwife weekly now. Everything was good at my latest appointment. We finish our birthing class next week and then I need to schedule a hospital tour and we plan to attend the "meet the midwives" event in a couple weeks since any of the midwives in the practice could be the one there on our delivery date. Oh, I also found out that my practice doesn't do regular checks on progress since they can be pretty unreliable. I won't be checked for dilation and effacement for sure until 39 weeks and definitely not until 37 weeks, but even then it probably won't happen. If I am dilated, I could remain that way for weeks or I could not have made any progress yet and then suddenly labor could begin and happen pretty quickly, so no news on that front.

Best Moment of the Week: Ringing in the New Year...Happy 2013....the year our son will be born!!! I think that is SO cool!!!

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