Great Expectations: 38 weeks

How Far Along: 38 weeks

Fruit Size Comparison: leek

Weight/ Clothes: All remains the same this doctors were happy that I did not gain any weight and clothing is fitting much the same as last week. I fill everything out quite well, but I am still feeling cute pregnant rather than too uncomfortable and huge pregnant. I'm thankful for that.

Cravings: Nothing too exciting to report in terms of cravings this week...maybe I'll experience more cravings in a future pregnancy...but still nothing exciting to report. I wonder too what the baby will and won't like in terms of food because for example my mom ate a TON of spinach when I was in utero and I hated the stuff until I was an adult. I feel like this happens quite often that what the mom eats a ton of while pregnant the child winds up not loving. I'll keep my fingers crossed that my lack of specific cravings and food obsessions will mean a child who is less picky about food. I can hope right?

Gender: We've been discussing circumcision further this past week since we're having a boy. We are still leaning towards it because of my Jewish faith heritage and because Adam is circumcised, but it feels like a big decision and nowadays the research really isn't there to say it's a health "must". There are definitely passionate arguments on both sides of the coin, which has made this decision a much less simple than some might feel it to be. This is one area where having a girl is much simpler!

Movement: Baby boy is cramped and up in my ribs from time to time ESPECIALLY when I'm riding in the car. I don't know what it is about the car, but that is the worst in terms of my comfort and feeling him move about. For the longest time he seemed to be hanging out mostly on my right side, but he's moved over towards the left from time to time recently. Other people are seeing him move a lot now too. If I'm sitting still, you can usually watch his bottom shift across my belly. It's pretty crazy to watch and the reactions are fun too. Most people say it seems like an alien is in there trying to bust out. I have yet to see a foot outline pushing out or anything crazy like that yet. We'll see if such a thing happens.

Symptoms: Eye twitch, heartburn, waddling, and many a Braxton Hick...also waking up every couple hours to pee, which is usually accompanied by a Braxton Hick contraction. Woohoo!

On a side note...I've been using coco butter with vitamin E the entire pregnancy in the hopes of staving off stretch marks since I experienced those doozies as a teenager when I had a growth far it's working. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they stay away.

Mental State: I am feeling peace of mind this week. Last week I felt like there was A LOT to finish up before the baby arrives, but I've knocked EVERYTHING off my to do list! The nursery is finished. My hospital bags are packed. Thank you notes are written. I am almost caught up on my "Great Expectations" blogging and the few topics I still wish to put up here are at least documented in photos on Facebook if I never get around to posting.

Now I'm just trying to remain cool and calm as we wait to see when this little guy decides his debut date will be. Could be any day now...could still be a few weeks.

Appointment Updates: No weight gain, great blood pressure, the baby is estimated to be around 7lbs at this point. He's feeling pretty average in size according to the midwife. He's head down and his head is crazy low in my pelvis. I was told to stop taking baby aspirin this week so that my blood will clot properly after his birth. I am following my doctor's orders but not without a bit of nervousness and double checking with the doc since I was taking the aspirin to alleviate any potential auto-immune issues effecting the pregnancy.  My doctor and midwife assure me that I don't need to be taking it at this stage and that everything will be fine. I am praying that they're right and that everything continues to go smoothly in these final few weeks even without the aspirin.

We also met with a student doula this week after emailing with a bunch to see who might be a good fit and I think we found one. It seemed meant to be when I found out she went to UVA for undergrad and had just finished her masters work at Harvard Divinity School...can we see relatable for me and Adam...I think yes. I also really liked her philosophy, demeanor and reasons for becoming a doula. She's working towards going to midwifery school next. We were a little late out the gate in making this decision, but it seems to be working out and I think Adam feels good having a trained third party there to help, to guide and to advocate if need be. We meet with her again this coming week to discuss our birth plan in details and a variety of scenarios that could occur, so we're prepared and all on the same page. Then she's just on call for whenever things get going! She'll come to the house when we need her and stay until the birth.

Best Moment of the Week: Finishing the nursery and finally getting to reveal photos of the finished room!

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