Great Expectations: Maternity Photos

I had pretty specific ideas for what I wanted out of our maternity photos from specific Boston locations around our new home to what I hoped to wear and the overall feel for our photos, but being the person who is often behind the lens rather than in front I wasn't sure where to go about finding a photographer so I asked a friend from church who dapples in photography similarly to myself and she offered to take our photos.  An added bonus is I'll get to return the favor by taking maternity photos for her this spring since she too is expecting. I absolutely love how they all turned out and especially how this year's Christmas card turned out since we featured one of our favorites.
Our Christmas card photo
On Acorn Street in Beacon Hill...I love how they decorate the area for Christmas.
This photo is also getting printed for our living room.

Another favorite from Boston Common (our front yard)...this one was printed in black and white for Peanut's nursery.
More photos around Beacon Hill (our neighborhood)
Yet another favorite that was printed in black and white for Peanut's nursery. 
The last black and white photo printed for the nursery in honor of Make Way for Duckling...Boston's classic children's story.  
In the Public Gardens
I love this close up too!

This statue of Washington is one of Adam's favorites in the city.

This is a balcony on the front of our church where pastor's back in the day could do open air preaching, meetings and even the occasional baptism.

There are SO many favorites as you can tell and I'm so thrilled we have these pictures to document this very special time in our lives as we await our first child.

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