Great Expectations II: 14 weeks

How Far:
14 weeks

(Weeks 13 and 14 are kind of blended together since we were on vacation in California for part of it and then we got back and started taking bump pictures.)

Weight/ Clothes: Pretty much normal though this week I saw the first signs of a tiny bump...I am officially entering the "I look like I ate too many donuts" phase of pregnancy. I have to be wearing a really tight shirt for you to really be able to see a bump otherwise you would never know anything was going on.

Cravings: Man oh man did I have a craving for hot and sour soup! Luckily I got to eats LOTS of it at a great restaurant in Chinatown while we were in LA.

Gender: Won't have news until after Easter...we shall see...EVERY guess so far is that I'm having a girl. It's so fun to hear what people are basing their predictions on since it can't really be based on the manner in which I'm showing yet. We'll see!

Movement: Occasionally I feel bubbles but I feel like it's too soon to be feeling the baby.

Symptoms: At times I can be very sensitive to smell this go round. I also had some sciatic nerve pain while we were in LA. I literally couldn't walk at one point, but after getting some rest it calmed down. Thank goodness cause not being able to walk comfortably is THE WORST!

Mental State: Not much to report this week...Levi has thankfully been sleeping well which has really helped my brain fog...we had a short disruption this week when he had a major molar teething spell...but that too has passed thankfully, so I'm feeling good mentally.

Appointment Updates
: We had a second appointment with the OB this time. My normal OB is out on maternity leave herself, so I saw a new guy to the practice. He was very jovial and even let Levi sit on my lap (more like hips) while he did a quick ultrasound on my belly. With finding out later this time I haven't had to have any internal ultrasounds, which has been pretty nice. This is the first picture we have in print, so I was able to use it to send out some messages to friends and family with the good news! Then we made our news Facebook official, which was pretty exciting.

Best Moment of the Week: We had a couple for this installment...Visiting the San Diego zoo with Levi, Adam and my parents! Such GREAT memories! AND....

Getting over 300 likes on our Facebook announcement and 85 comments on our announcement photo and over 200 likes and 54 comments on the photo of our parents finding out the news. Isn't social media fun! Thanks everyone for all your love and support.

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Haley Gage Clark said...

Love the bump angle. I take a similar photo myself every month but from my eye perspective which never comes out quite right. The way you've got it is a good idea!

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