Great Expectations II: 15 weeks

How Far:
15 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: Still in all my normal clothes except one pair of my jeans are in need of a bellyband in order to wear them comfortably. They're my oldest skinny jeans and sit a little higher on my hips than my more recently purchased jeans, which all sit just below my small bump. I can button and wear the rest comfortably still, which is so nice since my maternity jeans are probably the clothing item that got the most wear and I'm most tired of compared to my maternity tops and such. I didn't even wear a bellyband with Levi because I jumped right into comfy maternity pants whereas I'm in no rush this time around, so I'm loving the bellyband. It's a GREAT invention!

Cravings: Nothing special this week. Still loving Mexican and soup.

Gender: Name suggestions anyone? We have a few boy names we're pretty excited about, but again girl names are throwing us for a loop...why are they so much harder for us to find, agree on and fall in love with. And none of the names we had left over from our pregnancy with Levi are even in the mix this time around. Isn't it funny how that happens? PLEASE COMMENT WITH NAME IDEAS!

Movement: Still feeling the occasional bubbles...could it be movement...still seems too soon to me...but perhaps.

Symptoms: Guess what's already back...MY EYE TWITCH!! Ahhh not this soon...but low and behold there it is every now and then with one eye or the other. Thankfully it's more a pain than anything else.

I've also started having trouble falling asleep. It doesn't matter how tired I am, falling asleep is a challenge and this is NEVER a challenge for me. It's interesting to say the least and means I'm staying up way later than I should, which is making the mornings that much more challenging. Talking with a friend, she had the same issue when she was pregnant and we both agreed it had to be hormonal. Hopefully my body adjusts and things get better.

Mental State: Same as last week. Thinking a bit about a double stroller (we're going to get a City Select...I've been debating between red or black...Adam convinced me to go with the black).. and thinking about life with two in general. We even washed and put the infant car seat away after using it one final time in California. Now it's all set back to its smallest settings for the new baby since Levi has just now officially outgrown it according to its height requirements (He was just at the max height in Cali). Adam commented on how crazy it is how small Levi once was to fit in the seat with the straps at their smallest setting and how crazy it is that we'll soon have a new baby that's that tiny to fit in it all over again.

Appointment Updates
: I had my ultrasound where they screen for Downs Syndrome. Everything was looking good thankfully. I have one more blood test to get in a couple weeks before we receive the results. This test is just a predictor with no guarantees but it's a nice chance to see the baby.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing Jellybean squirming all around at the ultrasound. This baby is VERY active already maybe that's why I feel bubbles already, but I still think the baby is too small for me to really be feeling any sort of movement.

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