Great Expectations II: The First Trimester

12 weeks along
How Far Along: 12 weeks

(The bump photo series didn't fully get started until week 14, next the meantime enjoy this eclectic compilation of photos that were taken while I was pregnant but for many of which I didn't know it yet. So fun!)

So we found out quite a bit further along that we were expecting this time (probably around 8 or 9 weeks bump pictures started a little later). I conceived sometime in December before the holidays but didn't find out until a couple weeks into January that we were indeed preggo for the second time when I started having symptoms and realized that I had yet to get my period. It was quite exciting since I didn't have any spotting this time around! I'll write a separate post about finding out and telling Dad we were pregnant again. 

Very early on...and Christmas Eve
Weight/ Clothes: I'm happily in my everyday wardrobe even at 12 weeks, which is nice since I continued to wear my maternity clothes a number of months postpartum rather than purchasing in between sizes of things. I have actually lost a couple pounds starting out this pregnancy because I haven't been feeling good. Lots of nausea this time around, so the good news is I made it back to my pre-pregnancy weight which I had been holding onto 3 or 4 pounds with nursing still and such, but those pounds are no longer. I don't feel like I'm seeing changes to my body as early on this time around either probably because my stomach isn't as tight as it was prior to my pregnancy with Levi...wonder why;) haha.

Joined the club!
Cravings: I'm all about some Mexican cuisine this time around. If it's tacos, enchiladas, chili or Chipotle I'm all about it. Thankfully I've been making most of this food myself so I can watch what goes into the food and be healthier with it than if I was eating it out all the time.  Thankfully chicken chili and turkey tacos aren't foods I have to worry too much about packing on the pounds.

In VA for a shower and gender reveal.
Gender: We plan to find out again, but we're going to do something fun just the two or three of us this go round. We'll have that ultrasound soon after still a ways away. I am so curious this time around because I feel like there have been some major differences in this pregnancy, which could mean it might be a girl or another boy just affecting me completely differently. We'll see.

Movement: Too early for such things...but I know what to be on the look out for.

Found out this week in VA!
Symptoms: I've actually thrown up a hand full of times this go round and not because I made the mistake of taking my vitamins on an empty stomach like last time. I've also been nauseous ALL THE TIME for a few weeks. This nausea and fatigue is what made me first wonder if I could in fact be pregnant.

I have to eat fairly regularly to keep the nausea at bay and in the morning only a high protein source like eggs will keep me full enough to stave off the sickness. I've also been keeping almonds handy AT ALL TIMES because they help in a pinch if I've waited to long to eat. I even had to eat a few almonds in the middle of the night one night because I couldn't get back to sleep on an empty stomach...WEIRD!

Levi's first birthday party
Mental State: Had a funny pregnancy brain moment at the youth group pancake breakfast where I had black coffee in one cup and syrup in another and I poured coffee on my pancakes before realizing I'd picked the wrong cup. Oops and at that point people weren't in the know about my pregnancy, so I just looked REALLY silly.
We told all the grandparents, Tati and Chris this weekend.
Appointment Updates: We had our first office appointment with the midwife (Adam, Levi and I) and because I found out a bit later this time around, I didn't get into the office until about 10 weeks along, so there wasn't any anxiety involved because there was a beautifully strong heartbeat from the get go. We even got to take a peak at the baby on the ultrasound. Everything looked good and I didn't have many questions having just been down this road a year ago. After this appointment we decided it was safe to start sharing our news with extended family and friends, but we'd hold off until the second trimester to share our news more broadly...facebook...but it has been really fun finding creative or in the moment ways to tell friends and family we're expecting #2.
Fun bump series coming soon!

Best Moment of the Week: Best moments of the first trimester have been telling Adam, telling the grandparents, choosing the nickname Jellybean, and hearing/seeing Jellybean's heartbeat for the first time. I'll probably write a few posts about each of those fun moments in the days to come.

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Haley Gage Clark said...

This post makes me so happy as I can see just how great it is that this pregnancy has started off so differently so far. The nausea sucks without a doubt but the less stress this time is wonderful!

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