Great Expectations II: 17 weeks

How Far: 17 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: An actual maternity shirt in the picture...still normal jeans though.

I looked back at the last time around with Levi because I had an appointment this week and got weighed. I knew I had actually gained something over the past month since my last check up since I'm feeling better and hungry pretty often, but I was curious how it compared with my weight gain last time. Things look pretty similar in that department, I've gained 7 lbs thus far this pregnancy and last time I'd gained 9 lbs at 17 weeks.

I also think I'm carrying a little differently because looking back at the pictures from last time, I seemed similar size I think, but lower....hard to compare since the angles are different, but this time I definitely think I'm showing a little higher, which would also explain why I can still wear and button my non-maternity jeans whereas last time I was already wearing maternity capris and had just bought my first pairs of maternity jeans.

This week I also went ahead and wore a couple of my actual maternity sweaters because I might as well. It's not like they're going to get a lot of use this summer when I'm bigger. I definitely don't fill them out much, but I do look pregnant for the most part if I'm wearing something that clings to the bump...not enough that people would just assume, but they do wonder. I know this from a couple conversations at church with acquaintances who didn't know for sure, but upon my saying something about being pregnant then responded with comments like, "Oh I was wondering if that was the case." I've also already gotten a couple belly rubs...luckily from friends, not random people, which I don't mind.

Cravings: Still nothing to really report this week.

Gender: I emailed the Red Sox people in charge of the jumbo-tron and they said they'd get back to me next week since it was probably a busy time with opening day this week, so it wasn't a no, but not a definite yes yet. I'll keep you posted.

Movement: As of the middle of the week, I hadn't felt anything for sure, but the OB said I probably would any day now. Then over the weekend, while I was coordinating our church's apologetics conference there were definitely a couple instances when I had that charlie horse feeling where at first thought it was just a muscle spasm, but upon second though I realize it was most likely the baby moving.

Symptoms: Lots of eye twitching this week probably because I was very busy with final details for the conference which meant a little more stress and fatigue...nothing I couldn't handle just more of it than usual.

I also am starting to have more heartburn. I'm still managing it with Tums since it isn't always present, but I'm ready with Zantac if it gets worse and more often.

I've had some round ligament pain this week since things are beginning to stretch more and then some sciatic nerve pain Friday night after I'd been on my feet all evening for the conference running around taking care of last minute logistics and details. Luckily it was better on Saturday, thank goodness since it was my longer day to work.

Mental State: This was a very busy week since I was in the final days of coordinating the apologetics conference. It was very eye opening trying to multitask with Levi between different meetings, projects and correspondences. I'm thankful to not be working like this regularly because it was a lot to balance, but I loved the work itself. Adam was very helpful in taking Levi here and there, so I could run to a meeting and get things like name tags assembled and organized. I also had my fair share of last minute meetings in the church's toddler two room, so Levi could play and I could focus on tasks like the final conference budget and logistics for the weekend. Once the weekend rolled around, I was in full conference mode and Adam had Levi. Everything went beautifully. The weekend was well organized and things ran smoothly the whole time. We only had a couple technical issues that weren't really things you could have expected, and thankfully they were taken care of as quickly as possible.

Appointment Updates
: I had an appointment with the OB this week. He was very pleased with how everything is going. I had a few questions about things like my eye twitch, round ligament pain, a bout of light headedness (oh memories of high school) and sciatic nerve pain. He assured me that all these things are totally normal and will naturally happen earlier this time because of muscle memory. Isn't that fun!

The eye twitch is typically associated with fatigue and stress, so I just need to try and get good sleep. The round ligament pain is right on schedule as well. The light headedness only happened once and I just sat down to get the blood flowing to my head since I'd been standing behind a registration table in one position obviously for too long, which took care of things. The doc said to stay well hydrated and that circulation and sugar issues can be normal symptoms, so I just have to be watchful of standing in one place too long like back in the good old choir days and eat regularly things that won't make my blood sugar spike and go down too quickly. My almonds definitely fit that bill. He also gave me some stretches that could help with the sciatic nerve issue which only occurs when I've over done it and gotten myself pretty tired physically, so thankfully it isn't happening often.

The baby's heart rate was between 152 and 155 and is always wonderful to hear. I had my second blood draw for the series sequential, which is a screening for the potential for Down Syndrome. The results came back the next day and my midwife said everything looked perfect, just as it should be. i could not have had better results, so that's good.

Best Moment of the Week: Coordinating the apologetics conference and seeing things go off without a hitch.  This is the first time the church has hosted an event of this sort, so we weren't sure exactly how many people to expect beyond the almost 400 that pre-registered. We probably had well over 500 throughout the weekend. God is good. It was very exciting for things to be as successful as they were.


Purchasing our new double stroller on sale. We went with the Baby Jogger City Select in black. I'm very excited for it to arrive. It's one of the few items we'll need this time around.

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