Great Expectations II: 18 weeks

How Far: 18 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: I'm definitely sporting a lil bump these days. I actually needed to borrow a couple of Thais's maternity T-shirts while I was in Chicago because I hadn't packed expecting days in the upper 70s. I had mostly tanks and sweaters to wear, but it was way too warm for those. I've busted out my maternity tops not because I really need to wear them since most of my tops have some give but because I might as well since they won't be seasonably appropriate for the most part come summer. It's funny though because some of them are on the bigger end and look ridiculous right now since I guess I wore them later in my last pregnancy. I'm still hanging in there pants wise....these low wasted jeans with a little stretch are still working pretty well even without a belly band most days. I bought a really cute maternity dress at Target to wear on Easter and I will probably pick up a few more tees like the ones I borrowed from Thais that aren't quite so big since I felt cute in them sporting  the bump.

Cravings: I had a serious craving from my favorite Thai soup, which I thoroughly enjoyed at Sunda when Thais and I had our adult girls night out in Chicago. It was delicious and the atmosphere was very chic.

Gender: It's looking really good for having the gender reveal on the jumbotron at the Red Sox game on the 23rd! I am so excited! I still need to confirm with this and that person at the stadium since I need to bring the envelope that day and I want to be sure they do indeed reserve a space for our announcement ahead of time...wouldn't want them to run out of space being that it is a Red Sox vs Yankees game. Can't wait to see if Jellybean is a boy or girl!!! EEEK!!! The big day is right around the corner now!

Movement: I felt the occasional pop here and there. Still feels like a muscle spasm, but I then remember oh no that is indeed the baby moving.

Symptoms: I've been waking up with some pretty serious round ligament pain. Thankfully it doesn't stick around all day. I also am still having the occasional sciatic nerve pain, but it too comes and goes depending on how much running around I've been doing for example on Monday when I was getting things together to head to Chicago for my Godson's birthday weekend I was really feeling it, but thankfully I was able to get everything together and then rest to let it calm down. The OB gave me some stretches that are also supposed to help when it's flaring up.

Mental State: I'm feeling great! It was a fun week visiting Thais, Heath and the boys in Chicago for James' birthday celebration weekend. Levi had a BLAST! He was exhausted at every nap from playing so hard all the time. It is always so much fun to watch him when he gets together with the Carter boys. Watching the posee definitely had me thinking about how cute it would be for Levi to have a little brother though he can be besties just as well with a little sister too.

It was pointed out how much Levi looks like more and more like me as he gets older and it is kind of crazy because it's like looking at yourself in a miniature version in the opposite gender. I was always told I looked like my dad, but I never fully got it until now. This observation also got me wondering what this new baby will look like and whom he or she will take after more. We shall see.

It's also amazing to see how much Levi is learning and changing every day! Last week we realized he could point out his head, belly, feet and hands when asked. AMAZING! When did he pick up on that?!? He can also give a kiss when asked...a nice open mouthed kiss, haha. He also started nodding "no", which is interesting and a bit frustrating at times when you need him to do something, but it also means he's becoming his own little person. It is all happening so quickly and I'm trying to take in every stage and enjoy each stage without wishing the time away while still looking forward to what's coming down the pike in the future. I have a feeling it will all go that much quicker when Jellybean joins the mix.

I also realize travel is going to become a little more challenging once Jellybean arrives since I won't be able to fly with two children in my lap, plus Levi is definitely getting more antsy these days on the plane. He still did well, but it was a very different experience this go round than any of the times before. Thankfully we had a whole row to ourselves on both flights, so he could move around some and then since both flights required early morning wake ups, he fell asleep for the second half of both flights. There was lots of snack eating too. There's still a few flight possibilities till Levi is two and we have to start buying him a ticket as long as Adam is coming too meaning one child per lap. We love traveling in this family to see family and friends, so I'm sure we'll figure it all out in each stage of our life as a family.

Appointment Updates
: The BIG ultrasound is a week from today!

Best Moment of the Week: Going to see the Carter's new house in Valpo and celebrating James' first birthday in Chicago. Levi was so funny because he would be a little overwhelmed at first in certain situations like bath time with the boys or playing in the bounce house, but them he would warm up to the idea in his own time. Amazing to see our kiddos' personalities as they grow and develop!

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