A ROCKIN' good time

The Waves and Elevate, our church's Student Ministries, kicked or should I say "rocked" off this year's fundraising efforts with a 12 hour Rock-a-thon that ran from 8pm Friday night through 8am Saturday morning. Students got pledges ahead of time to sponsor them for the hours they would be rocking and Adam and I were there to the keep the students rocking all night long (literally)!

Students had to rock for 50 minutes straight and were given ten minute breaks each hour.

Here is everyone in their rocking chairs rocking away. People brought tv sets and game systems as well as end tables and comfy cushions to help "rock" and relax the night away in comfort.

Let's just say a lot of guitar hero was played! This along with simply chatting entertained from about 8pm til 11pm.

We even had one of the students' favorite bands come and "ROCK" out during the twelve o'clock hour!

During the next couple hours we alternated between students playing Guitar Hero on the gigantic screen above the stage and listening to another student band play while in rocking chairs of course!

The final four hours of the evening, morning by now, were spent watching movies on the big screen. We watched a great movie about a musical prodigy (the name escapes me at the moment) and High School Musical. I finally found out what all the hype was about regarding High School Musical. What made some moments from that movie even better were Adam's commentary on the cheesiness from up above in the sound booth.

Note...I enjoyed a more cushioned chair at times because you have no idea how hard a good old wood rocking chair can get after 8-10 hours of rocking! Lucky for me I was not rocking for pledges so I could take breaks and sit in more comfy seats if needed without having to feel guilty. The students however did not have such luxuries! Oh the perks of being a leader.

Here we are on the other end of the all night Rock-a-thon! We didn't even lose anyone along the way. It was a huge success and a lot of fun. We even had some students raise enough money to cover their winter retreats! AWESOME!

Overall, it was a ROCKIN' good time!

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