Thanksgiving Meals

Our church has been collecting Thanksgiving items and canned foods over the past couple weeks and this past Sunday night we, as a student ministry, had the opportunity to organize all the donations into 29 boxed Thanksgiving meals that would be brought to families this week.

Our lovely group of volunteers
We started out by organizing the donations onto ten tables which had different categories taped to them. Categories varying from canned soups to vegetables to stuffing, cereals, rice, pasta, beverages and much much more!
An amazing amount of veggies...especially green beans and canned corn! Other tasty additions for each boxes Thanksgiving meal
Next everyone paired up in teams of two and filled two boxes full of food from the various categories that were laid out along the tables.After giving each family about ten cans of corn and green beans each, we decided the rest of the left over veggies would be donated to the Union Mission in the area that way even more families would be blessed this Thanksgiving.After the meals were prayed over by the students, all 29 box sets were brought over to the missions lobby of the church to await a turkey and some other fixings which would be purchased and added on Monday just prior to delivery. We hope these 29 families are blessed this Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


 Shelby said...

How wonderful you all donated SO. MUCH. FOOD!

Great job! Those 29 families are so blessed to have such wonderful people dedicated to making their holiday special! :)

PS: My eyes IMMEDIATELY found you and Adam in the picture!

<3 yall!

Anonymous said...

I noticed you and Adam immediately too!

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