Christmas continued...

We had a lovely breakfast at Sarah and Raph's before we hit the road to get back to VA Beach.

We arrived back in Virginia Beach just in time to welcome Robin's mom and sister as well as Granny to the house for a few days. That night we celebrated Christmas AGAIN with the new arrivals by having dinner and exchanging a few more gifts. It was also Granny's 79th birthday, so of course there was birthday cake to celebrate as well!

The next evening, the Herndons invited my parents and sister over to join in the festivities with another holiday feast. Can you tell we like to eat around here? There were so many of us that once again there was a "kids table" and "grown up table". It was festive! (I really really like that phrase this year...or even just the word...festive.)

A good time was had by all! We are so blessed to have families that enjoy each other's company so much. (Pictures are coming soon)

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