A Richmond Rendez-vous

This past Saturday, Adam and I had the pleasure of meeting the Bullettes, Ainsworths and McCormicks for dinner in Richmond. We had a delicious time at the Cheese Cake Factory at Short Pump, not only was the food fabulous, but the company was of course even better! We enjoyed catching up about Adam's ministry, Celeste's new photography business (which you can check out at http://www.celestial-sights.com/), the McCormick's upcoming trip to Egypt, and Chi Alpha's continued growth and new internship. We were sad we couldn't visit longer since we didn't arrive till almost 9:30 (because I had to teach acting, so we didn't get to leave VA Beach til 7:05) and then we left around 11:30 after everyone finished eating and chatting in order to get back to wake for church on Sunday.


Celeste said...

You need to include a link to my website! The more people who link to me, the higher I am in the search ranks. It's www.celestial-sights.com. Thanks for the shout-out!

Adam and Jessica said...

Yeah, I though about doing that later but didnt get a chance to look up the address. Now it's included.

Andrew McCormick said...

I still can't believe you guys got there late. I am soooooooo mad!!!!


Have a great weekend!

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