Ringing in 2009

We decided to ring in 2009 with an All-nighter for our Middle Schoolers...a good time was had by all...TRUST ME...see for yourself. It was definitely a unique way to welcome 2009.Getting started...WELCOME to the ALL-NIGHTER and DON'T PLAN TO SLEEP!
Some Ice Breaker Games...this was a shoot off where the students had to aim at the alchiseltzer that was attached to their foreheads. As it got wet it dribbles all down their faces. Pretty entertaining! The girls REALLY got into it! They weren't afraid to get right up in each other's faces.Then it was a race to peel a banana...WITH YOUR FEET...and then their teammate had to EAT THAT BANANA! Fear Factor style!
There were a couple other ice breaker games including one where students had to be the first or tenth to text Adam or Jason for a candy prize. (Embracing the love of the text.)
Then it was time to hear Moon Unit play...they're a popular band with our students that actually started out of the church.
We had a couple birthdays to celebrate...so Moon Unit sang to them!
Then Jason spoke, challenging the students to live out their Christian lives in reality like playing a REAL guitar rather than superficially like playing the guitar from Guitar Hero. His challenge definitely encouraged a number of students to make new commitments for how they plan to live their lives as Christians in the New Year.My singing girls...they all sing with the Praise Band, which I head up. Love them!Free Pizza Time
Counting down to 2009! There was TONS of excitement to go around!
The countdown in Times Square to 2009
Our first picture together in 2009
Pass the Hoo-la-hoop...(only 8 more hours to go)
A midnight raffle for $50 Best Buy gift cards for those who brought a friend and the friends who visited.
An Inflatable Tournament for Itunes gift cards Two leaders going competing for bragging rights! The Middle School Pastor from Deep Creek Baptist, Jason, whose youth group partnered with ours at the event.
Other visitors who enjoyed hanging out...Moon Unit stayed and hung out most of the evening Nima came by to have some late night fun too.The biggest and baddest game of Musical Chairs EVER! A Guitar Hero tournament on the jumbo screen
DodgeballStudents vs LeadersLeaders and Moon unit that is...Trying to stay awake the last hour or so...just hanging outSome had less luck....

However, Adam and I stayed up from 8pm to 8am without batting an eye...perhaps it's because we were up the night before till 6am hanging out with Nima, Ian and Carrie. We decided it was in preparation for the all-nighter. Well that's our story and we're sticking to it...we were having way to much fun hanging out together and the next thing we knew it was morning. I guess that's what happens when you don't live close by and see each other all the time.

It was such a fun way to ring in the New Year and who knows...perhaps it will become an annual Waves function!

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