Last Week's House Progress

Progress is definately happening at the house, but I have some updating to do. I'll start with last week's progress.

Last week we had help getting all of the popcorn scraped off the ceilings, which lead to having the walls and ceilings re-plastered this (pictures coming soon). There were lots of seams, cracks and a few holes in the walls. We tried to patch some areas on our own, but it just wasn't getting the job done.
I know they don't look THAT different in this picture, but trust me it is quite a difference and now with the new plaster it will look smooth and fresh. Those guys do AMAZING work!
The roof was completely replaced, rotting boards and all! We now have a beautiful architectural brown shinged roof and we're ready for country beige siding, white trim and new windows.
Then I spent an afternoon priming all of the new window casings and sills. The carpenter then put them up during the week. They'll need to be painted after the walls and ceilings get done.
Coming soon: the plaster will be completed this weekend, the molding will be primed and painted, the new siding and windows will be going up and in, and the house will hopefully get painted.


veganmegan said...

I love to see the progress! It is really starting to transform!

Laura and TJ said...

Wow! It is really coming along! We need to hang out soon so I can see it :)

Laura2sing said...

It looks amazing. I have pop corn ceilings and I HATE them! I am excited for you that everything is coming together!

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