New Office Spaces

There's been some moving around at both Adam's and my jobs. Recently his friend, Nima, was hired at the church as the Interim High School pastor and they both moved their offices from the Life Center to the main building. Before the move I had a chance to go over to the new space and help Adam pick out furniture from around the building that wasn't in use and then decide how to place it in the new space. Here's the new, grown up office space! Everything really came together!
As you already know my schools changed for this year, so Adam helped me move my room from Larkspur Middle to Pembroke Meadows Elementary. Here's my new room. It's nice because I am very centrally located in the building and I am connected to the guidance office, so I always have someone close by as a sounding board.

Hope we have a great year in our new spaces! I'm sure we will!

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