Extreme Home Makeover-TRANSFORMATIONS

There have been some extreme transformations that have taken place at the house over the past week and a half. I will try to line up some pictures that give you the earlier stages followed by their new and improved stages. Some areas are still being worked on, but this extreme home makeover had come a LONG way! With no further ado...the tour...

The siding arrived and as soon as it stopped raining it began going up.The new windows have all been installed as well. No more torn screens or broken panes!
Come on in...our new front door.

We had the house replastered last weekend because there were so many walls that had new drywall or holes that most of the house needed it. We had also peeled the popcorn off the ceilings last weekend, so the ceilings got plastered. This really helped the house look NEW! Here's that transformation...
While the plaster guys were hard at work, a bunch of us got together to do what we could around the house. Thanks everyone for lending a helping hand! Haley, Robin and I primed and painted our dining rooms future crown molding, which my mom found new on craigs list in a variety of colors...but the price was right!
Then from NO windows and new plaster... to new windows and paint.
The red in the kitchen and dining room coordinate with the new couches that are coming for the living room. I'm hoping it will create a nice flow throughout the space downstairs since it's a pretty open layout.
Doesn't a little plaster and paint go a LONG way!?
Just wait till the kitchen cabinets go in this weekend.
This is what our new cabinets look like below.
The first one has been installed in the half-bath downstairs and the upstairs bathrooms' and kitchen's will all match.
Some bathroom improvements as well!
The plaster guys even stripped the hall ceiling and painted.
We had no idea how to rig something tall enough to get that work done!So those are many of the interior transformations...
Then last weekend while the women painted inside, the men did manly work on the yard. Adam, Everette and Nima ground out FOUR stumps themselves! They rented a stump grinder at Home Depot and went to work getting rid of the stumps that were left when we cut down a number of trees that were leaning on the house and creating a lot of problems.
The house has come a LONG way! I cannot wait to share the progress over the next week. We are keeping our fingers crossed to move in at the beginning of October as long as there are NO MORE SURPRISES (remember rotten back wall). This could mean that we would have our house in a POD back very soon! It is all very exciting!


phreec said...

the house is looking GREAT!! SO MUCH done, and i know a bit still to do; can't wait to see the results :))
THANK YOU for posting the transformations!! :))
~christi :))

Thais said...

Looks so great, Jess! Keep up the good work!

The Sydnor family said...

Looking good! When do you all sleep?

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