Final stages of reconstruction!

The house is in its final stages of reconstruction and we are MOVING IN on FRIDAY!!!
What a great BIRTHDAY present!?!
Here's some shots of the recent progress and every day more and more is complete.

We needed to paint all the closet doors because somehow they got overlooked, so mom and I did some painting yesterday. Now they are beautiful and white.We had the family over to see all the progress. The Herndons were pretty impressed with the progress since they've been out of town. Adam has a bet with his Dad as to whether we would be moved in by his birthday (October 14th), and it looks like he may be winning a round of golf.
Just look at that GRIN!
Here are some new finishing touches...
The future fridge
All the crown molding is now up around the downstairs. It is such a nice finishing touch.
The downstairs floor is now half done and will be finished sometime tomorrow.
The bathroom floors and new toilets are also in place.
It all looks so nice and new and today the counter tops went in too! (pictures coming later)
AND the OUTSIDE!!! New numbers and lights
The back of the house had seen quite the transformation...check it out!
It is all so close to being finished.
I can't wait to share more pictures of the last details.
New house here we come!


 Shelby said...

WHAT A TRANSFORMATION!!! I can't wait to come visit! Here's to an easy, non-stressful, non-pain enduring move-in!

<3 ya!


Adam and Jessica said...

Please come visit! SOON!

Jonathan and Missy Wetherington said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! You guys have done a great job!! When does your awesome furniture come in?

The Sydnor family said...

Your future home looks AMAZING! It has been fun watching the transformation!! Happy moving and happy (early) birthday!

veganmegan said...

gorgeous!!! I can't wait to se it in real life. it is like a brand new house!

Laura and TJ said...

EXCITING! I am so glad everything came together so quickly :)

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