Adam's Ordination

Adam was ordained at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church in October of 2009.
We are all so proud of him and what a beautiful service they held in his honor!
Ira Townes, one of the church's pastors, introducing the people who would be giving testimony to Adam's character and work in the church.Craig Bacon, one of our middle school leaders
Paul Gorski, a middle school leader and parentBrian Perkin, another middle school leader and parentMarilyn Clark, one of Adam's youth group leaders from when he was in the ministry in high school Worship lead by Alicia Ward and Laura Oliver, two of our good friends at churchScott Wilcher gave the challenge using an umbrella as a symbol for the authority that resides above us. He asked Adam to respect the authority above him because it is placed there to look out for him rather than abusing your own authority.
Roger Hammond, our executive pastor calling for the ordination board to come and pray over Adam.
Adam receiving prayerAdam being given a Bible as a memento of the occasion with my right beside him, then they prayed for us as well and bestowed the title of Reverend upon him!The family there to see Adam receive the title of Reverend.

A few pictures with Reverend Adam Herndon. I am so proud of him. This was such an important moment in his career and we are thankful so many were there to celebrate it with us.


Colleen Young said...

it's great to see how God is blessing/using you both in VA!!! so proud!!:)

Laura and TJ said...

It was a great night!

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