Our First Dinner Club

My friend Laura and I recently decided to start a dinner club with a group of gals from church. Each month someone will volunteer to hostess the meeting and that person will choose the theme for the evening. I hosted the first and chose Chinese food for the theme. Everyone then makes a new recipe to share with the group and if something goes awry, it doesn't matter because there is plenty of other items to try.
We had quite the spread of Chinese food from hot and sour soup (which I made) to homemade fortune cookies, green tea cookies, sweet and sour chicken, spicy steak, rice noodle salad, non-fried egg rolls, stir fried veggies, cheese wontons, and of course hot tea.
I even had chop sticks and Chinese take away boxes for left overs. Everything was delicious and we really enjoyed ourselves for the evening. Next month we're looking forward to making some new Mexican recipes. It will be festive I'm sure.

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Laura and TJ said...

SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait until next month!

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