Charlotte and Caroline's Baptism Celebration

Last weekend, Caroline and Charlotte were baptised at the Mazzio's church and even though I couldn't be at the actual service to see them get baptised that morning, I was able to celebrate with their family and friends that afternoon at the Mazzio's open house. Here's Mom and Dad holding their newly baptised babes!
We enjoyed cake and good company!Even Austin was home from deployment finally.
You know Courtney was SUPER excited! (Welcome home again Austin!)We even had some baby holding time in the midst of the masses of people.
They are too cute!
Congrats Caroline and Charlotte and I can't wait to see the women of faith you grow up to be!
Dan and Lisa, I hope we can be there to support you as you raise your babies to be those faithful women.

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Melin said...

What a wonderful event so blissful and holy, Yeah!!! Love Melin

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