Introducing the newest member of our family!!

Adam has been vigilantly watching the newspaper looking for a good breeder from which to get our new puppy. Well, last weekend he found just that and we drove to Gates, NC Monday night to see a litter of three month old yellow labs. We looked at four male pups, but decided on the lightest in color and largest in build, boy was picking him out a tough decision because they were all so cute. He came home with us that very night. He is such a love!

We'd like to introduce you to SAMSON!
The pup has champion blood lines and was quite the find. For the most part, training has been good and he's learning new things every day. He's playful, but not too hyper (yet) and we just LOVE him! He even met all the dogs at my parents on Thanksgiving and they got along well.
He's been a wonderful addition to our family!
I have been praying for a couple years now (literally) that when the time came for us to finally get a dog (because Adam has waited patiently, but has been dieing for one), I would love him and be excited about it and God has definitely changed my heart about pets, at least our pet! I am very lucky we found such a sweet puppy to break me into pet ownership and Adam is nuts about Samson. He is already this man's best friend! Feel free to come by and meet him!

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The Sydnor family said...

Samson is so cute! Can't wait to meet him!

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