Kathleen's Sweet 16

A few weeks back Adam, my mom and I took a ride up to New York for the weekend to celebrate my cousin Kathleen's Sweet 16 and it was quite the event!

She looked stunning and it was great to celebrate with all the cousins.
Happy Sweet 16 Cuz!
Kathleen and her VIPs
My cousins all grown up...where has the time gone?!
Fun moments before the big party kicked off...
The venue...just beautiful!
Can't imagine what the weddings someday will be like!
Time to party!
Kathleen entered with my cousin Taylor through the floor...WOW!
Beautiful people...I love my family!
Make a wish and blow out the candles...
with that many candles, you could make a pretty big wish!
It was a great weekend with the family.
We get to see Kathleen in Virginia Beach this weekend when she's here for a cheer competition.

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