One Act Play: The Pizza From Mars

This year I co-directed the comedy Pizza From Mars...otherwise known as Ten Actors in Search of a Cell Phone. We received three superior ratings from all three judges for the third time, but this time our scores were better than ever. We received a 99/100, a 98/100 and a 92/100 from the three judges who were professional actors from the Virginia Stage Company. Those in attendance said it was our funniest show yet. I was so proud of our cast. The show came together beautifully even through some challenging circumstances from changed parts and lost cast members to rewriting a male part into a female part. Every year the one act play season comes to an end I am reminded just how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the theater!

Here are some highlights from our play, The Pizza from Mars. I wish you could all have seen it! The play begins...Brandy has lost her phone and asks..."Excuse me, has anyone seen a cell phone? Could you check around your seats?"

The stage manager tries to get things moving along so the play can "actually start"...little does the audience know yet that THIS IS THE ACTUAL PLAY!
Katie: "Are we starting this or what?"

Stage Manager: "We're listening."

Katie: "Well obviously not to me!:
Katie comforting Brandy: "Oh, I lost mine once." Katie: "My ring tone goes...Baby Baby Baby AHHH!" Katie and Brandy: Gerald's message "BLAH!" Brandy continuing to go on and on about finding her lost cell phone. The stage manager losing patience for the lost cell phone search that is holding up the play. Brandy's boyfriend Kevin: "Read and copy, Brandy." Tony (with a Y): "Are you sure it's okay to come out in costume?"

Katie: "Do it." Brandy and Tony: "What!?!"

Katie: "Re-act the phone call."
Tony and his mind attach moment.
Tony: "Can I go back stage and practice my mind attack moment now?"
Kevin, explaining Brandy's nickname "Kevlar": "She calls me Kevlar because I'm BULLETPROOF!" Brandy: "I found my phone!" Everyone celebrating until the stage manager reminds Brandy that "No you found my phone!"
Brandy: "Right, no pictures."

Christine joins the search.

Katie to Brandy and Christine: "You do your part. She'll do her part and we'll find the phone."

Katie wouldn't steal Brandy's boyfriend? or would she?!
Tasia upset that Brandy has told people about Nikki and Trey...oh boy the gossip!

The stage manager getting more and more nervous about starting the play and what is ensuing on stage.

Katie: "Spread gossip and rumors?! This is Saint Brandy you're talking about!"

Stage Manager: "Places everyone, PLACES!"

Nikki upset that Brandy has told everyone about her and Trey!

Uh oh...confusion between who's spreading the gossip...Tony or out Tony!

Toni comes on the scene to defend herself.

Yet another secret revealed...Toni: "Celia (the stage manager) wanted to date Trey." Stage Manager: "Way to keep a secret!"

Toni: "Oops, I forgot that was a secret."

Stage Manager: "Well since you're still dating Danny, maybe Trey's like to go out with me sometime?"

Kevin, upon entering and seeing Brandy hugging the Pizza Boy: "You've crushed my baby chicken!"

Kevin: "I'm getting a slice of love right here." UH OH!

Tony: "Hankering to scratch in someone else's yard?!" in reference to Kevin's baby chicken.

This is one of my favorite would have been a perfect program cover!

Watch out Katie...Saint Brandy's calling you out for trying to steal her boyfriend.

Brandy uses Christine's line from the "actual" play when she gets publicly dumped...Christine gets mad.

Christine: "And remember my name...Klaxlurd!"

Stage manager: "Don't do the baby chicken thing again."

Everyone arguing over who started this mess.

Brandy finally remembers where she left her phone...she used it to call the "actual" pizza boy...not Tony who was playing a Pizza Boy. She tells him the money is in her dressing room and goes on to gossip some more.

Guess she didn't learn her lesson.

Can the play get started now?!

Want to see pictures from the last season's plays...check out Too Many Doctors and This is a Test.

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