Too Many Doctors (SUPERIOR REVIEWS!)

Introducing our cast of characters for the play Too Many Doctors, an adaptation of one of Moliere's French comedies.

The Doctors
The family
Argon, the old man who needs his doctors
Toinette, his maid servant
Beline, his gold digging wife
Angelique and Cleante, Argon's daughter and her suitor disguised as a music teacher
Madame Dufois and Thomas Dufois
(Argon's future doctor by way of arranged marriage to Angeligue and Thomas's mother)
Dr. Purgon and his nurse
Louis, Argon's youngest daughter
Micheal, our stage manager
If you weren't able to see the show...
I'll try to walk you through our one act via commentary and pictures of the actual show.
Our opening tableau (frozen picture),
complimented by the judges as a nice way to open the show as the curtain opens and reveals this picture.
Toinette introduces the characters and herself
Purjon's bill...all he did was feel Argon's head and decide he is indeed very ill.
A moment between Argon and Toinette right after they have spun around in his chair after a chance collision. Toinette cries, "You have broken my leg!" to which Argon responds, "You pretend to be hurt." She answers, "You pretend to be sick, what's the difference?"
Argon and his wife Beline as he gives her money for the wedding between Thomas and Angelique to which she responds sarcastically, "You are as generous as you are handsome!"
Toinette defends Angelique telling Argon he will NOT marry her off, which leads to a fight.
Toinette letting the audience in on Argon's real motives...that he intends to marry his daughter off to gain another doctor.
Toinette to the rescue, being thanked by Angelique for coming up with a plan.
Cleante, disguised as a music teacher makes his introduction to Argon.
Argon introduces Angelique to her new music teacher.
Toinette comments to the audience, "She recognized him at once, that's love at first sight!"
Madame Dufois and Thomas arrive allowing Thomas to "do his speeches before he forgets them." He makes the mistake of reciting his speech to Argon's daughter confusing her for his wife.
After Angelique cries that she won't marry Thomas, Argon thinks he's having a heart attack.
Madame Dufois helps Thomas with the proper use of his instruments.
Madame Dufois: "Tell us how his heart sounds Thomas?"
Thomas: "Boompty Boompty Boomp."
Argon tried to get Louise to taddle on who the new music teacher is...his little finger believes it is CLEANTE!
Dr. Purjon and his nurse soon return to Argon with a magic injection.
Thank goodness Toinette, disguised as a new doctor Kronk, soon arrives to rescue Argon from the "size of that needle".
Here they are listening to Kronk and Toinette talk about Argon's case off stage just prior to her entrance as Kronk.
Kronk's solution for Argon's health problems: "I take it off!"
Kronk feels that with one arm and one eye, the other body parts would be that much stronger. It's the perfect solution to his health problems.
To which Argon cries for Toinette to save him.
She convinces him that all he needs are his loving daughters after he plays dead and finds out his wife is only married to him for his money. The daughters and Cleante, however, mourn their loss and soon find out it was all an act and Argon is in fact ALIVE.
He awards Cleante his daughter's hand in marriage and finds out that with all his experience, he can be his own doctor.
Argon: "Everyone say awww."
Audience and on stage characters: "Awww"
Argon: "What do you know, I'm a doctor!"
The cast after the show and our critique!
We got superior ratings from all three judges!

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They're so cute! Looks like you did a fantastic job.

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